May 17, 2015

Honeymoon: The Perfect Pineapple Sweater

In addition to working, blogging, and being a dog-mom, I've been collaborating with Ryan and my sister Christine on some cool concepts for screen-printed clothing.

Here's a crazy thing - like my Avengers tank, somehow I came up with an idea of putting a pineapple on a shirt...and before I knew it, between Christine's graphic design powers and Ryan's screen-printing we are, a brand new, perfect-for-the-summer-and-all-vacays off-the-shoulder sweaters: Honeymoon: the perfect pineapple sweater

Dizon Collection: Honeymoon sweater, Roxy bikini bottoms
We opened our Etsy shop: Dizon Collection and are so excited!!!

This Honeymoon pineapple sweater comes in 6 colors, is slightly off-the-shoulder and I've been wearing mine EVERYWHERE from the beach, to Costco, to work on a casual Friday!

Check out our shop - we're adding more and more every week: 

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May 11, 2015

Greetings from Houston

As you may know, my parents moved to Houston about a year ago. It was a pretty big change as they knew very little people, but they are adjusting well and are loving it. It's great for me, since I have a small group of friends (see: DRU, Issa, Fifi) that I get to visit a few times a year.

This April brought me back to Houston thanks to an Austin-based work trip that I piggybacked off of. We visited a couple of murals, and I definitely couldn't leave without some crawfish! (My first time so I had to learn how to eat them)

I forgot to bring my camera (worst blogger ever), so here's some snaps I took with my phone. What DRU and I forgot to do were video AskPhivy questions...and technically, blog posts. LOL. Ah, one day we will remember that we actually are bloggers and he's a photographer, so I should use that to my advantage.

Kimono: Tilly's, American Apparel tank, Old Navy jeans, F21 mules
Billabong hoodie
For more selfies (if you can believe it) and real-time updates, follow me on snapchat: hoisinivy.

I'm reinspired to start taking more photos, so hopefully I'll be posting more and more of them. But not any less selfies. Never less selfies.

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Summer Staples: Kimonos

In the winter I'm known for my blanket scarves - these huge, warm flannel scarves that are large enough to be a blanket. They're perfect to wrap around and keep you nice and cozy.

But in the summer I'm all about kimonos. They add an extra element that really brings an outfit together. Plus they're so flowy! Flowy & Flowery!!
Alternative brand (wholesale) dress, F21 Kimono, LAMB booties, Hat from PacSun

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May 6, 2015

Date Night

In case you didn't know, Ryan's a huge musical fan.

But I am not.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy musicals when I'm there, but the thought of going to them is excruciating. But what I do like? Date nights! Dressing up! AND PICTURES.

I wore this dress to see Newsies opening night at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. The show itself was good, a bit on the slower side for my taste, but I enjoyed the singing, dancing, and especially the child actor who stole the show...and my heart.
BCBG Max Azria Dress, Tory Burch Heels
This dress is actually my wedding rehearsal dress, and I just haven't had a chance to wear it again. It's also one of my favorite dresses, but unfortunately not a dress I can wear to other people's weddings. White at a wedding? I'm not that rude!!

The loose pleating, the black ribbon details, and especially that bottom red panel really make this a dress that fits my personality. In fact, I feel like I would have designed this dress if I hadn't found it sitting in an outlet store window (true story).

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Apr 28, 2015

I made this. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

You guys may or may not know that I'm a huge Marvel comics fan. Don't believe me? Here ya go:

Man, I think meeting Spiderman that day has forever changed my life.

So when Ryan got into screen-printing, I couldn't wait to get my grimy hands even grimier and start producing original and unique t-shirt designs. And just after a week of concepting and producing, Ryan and I created our first collaboration:
If you know who those are, then you & I? We're gonna be allllriiighhtt.

Yep, I literally thought of this shirt, emailed the concept to Ryan...and HE MADE IT. (He made this? I made this).

So the best part is, with The Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out, we're actually selling these awesome women's tanks (and men's tees)! I'm so stoked, and if you're a comic nerd like me, or if your bf is...this might be a pretty cool (and one of a kind) shirt. 

You can buy them here or shoot me a comment, or even submit an AskPhivy question! 

So those pictures are a bit older (before cutting/dyeing my hair), so my sissy and I took some new ones today! She and I are both wearing a women's tank in Medium.
This Avengers design comes in a few color combos for shirt/fonts, including: black/white, grey/black, and indigo/white.

It also comes in Men's Tees, Women's Tanks and Tees, and even Children's Tees!
Yes, those are my adorable nieces, Ripley and Ryder, wearing a children's Size 6 and 4, respectively.

So place your order and I promise to send you a headshot of me too. I mean, what? Ok, I won't send you a headshot, but maybe a little extra something for being one of my readers! Just comment in the order to let Ryan know that you're one of my readers so he can let me know prior to shipping it out!!

Buy it here: etsy, AskPhivy, or comment below!

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Apr 26, 2015

Back...For Good?

I love to blog. I really do.

I also really love my readers (if I have any left!)..but as I'm sure you guys know, blogging IS. HARD.

It's a lot of time, effort, and energy...but it's also an outlet for creativity.

I work 40-60 hours...but it's also rewarding.

I run out of things to write about...but it inspires me to be creative and resourceful.

Ok, I'm literally doing a cost-benefit analysis, sorry.

Anyways, I'm back...hopefully for good. Can you guys keep me accountable? (Like a diet, if I tell everyone I'm on one, then they'll remind me when I'm scarfing down my second order of fries).

Also, Ryan's started to take my blog photos - and it's always way better to have someone there versus me standing in front of a brick wall, ha.

Well, back to why you're here: the outfit! This Zara basic dress admittedly shrank, but is still a good go-to dress for Fall/Spring with its 3/4 sleeves.

Can I tell you the most expensive part of my outfit are my shoes? My sunglasses were 2 for $12 from Charlotte Russe (hello!).

Btw, what happened to AskPhivy? I can't figure out why the old domain nearly gave me a virus?! (WTF IS HAPPENING?!)

Meanwhile, let's use to avoid any confusion...sorry guys, I know what a pain this is.

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