Jan 9, 2013

Christmas Round-Up!

Hope everyone is slowly recovering from the deliciousness that is the holiday season! Now that New Years has passed and we're making our annual resolutions (I have a few that I'll share), here are some of my favorite pictures from Ryan's and my trip to Ohio!

Ryan and I have agreed to rotate holidays between families to keep things fair and also to ensure that we see as many of our relatives as possible by hopping on the same "cycle" that my sister and Ryan's sisters are on. It just so happens that they match, so it's made life so much easier for us. This year was our year to spend with my family in Ohio, and though it didn't snow on Christmas Day (it snowed the day after), we still had a lot of fun.

Before we left for Ohio, Ryan and I opened gifts with Dallas. I bought Ryan a tool cabinet that he's been eyeing. I joked that we are one Christmas away from buying each other a dishwasher. How romantic!
In Ohio, we opened gifts, where the highlights included our first crystal set from my parents and Ryan got CROCS. (THE HORROR)
We also spent some time taking formal Christmas pictures for my mom to hang:
On Christmas Day, we had my entire family come over:
The day after Christmas, we had a pretty big snow-storm, which meant...TIME TO PLAY IN THE SNOW! Ryan and I have never made a snowman before and it was a lot of fun to go out in our PJs and jump around:
Ultimately, the best Christmas gift from Ryan was that he was able to take a later flight back to LA and stayed in Ohio for NYE. We rarely spend NYE together, so it was extra special! Those pictures coming soon!