About Me

Born & raised in Orange County, my family moved to Ohio and I moved back to Los Angeles, CA in 2007 to continue my career in advertising.  40 miles from Orange County doesn't seem far, but what a different world LA is!

I currently work in a boutique digital agency, focusing on unique digital opportunity for brands.  What does that mean?  I do pretty cool stuff on the internet.  And no, not pop-up ads.

That Girl is Hoisin is my personal "style/beauty" blog - and I put quotes around that because I am admittedly not fashion-forward or high couture fashion.  I started this blog to make it more relatable, clothes from Nordstrom Rack not Lanvin, makeup that you can wear to work and to go out.  I also do tutorials on makeup and hair styles - some step by step with photos, others through a video.  I will occasionally review items given by sponsors.

I'm 29 and recently engaged to Ryan.