Jul 28, 2011

Russian Red

So I didn't want to title this post the cliche of "lady in red" but then I realized I'm not clever enough to think of anything else...so I named this post after my favorite Mac lipstick, Russian Red.  Between Ruby Woo & Russian Red, I have to say (though I own both) Russian Red compliments my skin tone more.  It's also a little more subtle & matte than Ruby Woo. Maybe I will do a post on the differences between the two?

I think a lot of girls are timid by red lips (mainly because it's such a huge shock when you look in the mirror), but like anything new, it just takes some getting used to.  And just to reiterate my #1 rule when applying red lips for the first time - apply the lipstick before your eye makeup & blush - work around your lips so you don't overdo the rest. And more importantly, have fun! 

This is one of my favorite dresses (on sale at a BR outlet on top of that!)  I love structured dresses & I tend to gravitate toward button-down dresses.  The slight A-line is the perfect length (for my short legs) while also adding volume & femininity.  The picture of my legs below honestly motivates me to continue to run.  Naturally, I have very shapeless legs, so it took over 200 miles (says my Nike+) to eventually get them this way. Gotta keep doing it.
banana republic dress, LAMB heels, hermes bracelet, russian red lipstick
special thanks to DRU!!! from WWT for the tip: if lighting is bad, just make black & white...problem solved!
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Jul 27, 2011

Just a Little Closer

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I have a few go-to summer outfits...this is definitely the other one (out of the four I have).  A loose top & linen shorts is totally easy for a hot summer day when the last thing you want are pit-stains! (I mean, that's never happened to me, what are you talking about, that's so gross.) Actually, I have worse BO than Rye Bread does, it's really embarrassing.

This time I decided to SPICE THANGS UP, but just ever so subtly as I didn't want to scare the chirren or have service turned away.  I recently purchased pasties from Patches of Freedom & realized that you don't need a low-cut shirt or a backless dress as a reason to wear these - they can be a slight hint of sexiness without being overtly in-yo-face.  It gave me a little boost knowing this secret as I thought, "Teehee, I know something you don't know."  Although if you looked hard enough, you were in on my secret too.
martin + osa top, f21 shorts & belt, patches of freedom nippies, hermes bracelets, toms shoes
 I was recently asked where my necklaces were from & while I like to accessories, I have 2 necklaces that stay on permanently.  The first necklace is from Tiffany of a single clear teardrop hanging from a silver chain (similar one here).  That was given to me by Rye Bread on our first Christmas together - funny side story, he ordered it online & when I opened, I said "Wow, this is beautiful!" and his reply was "Oh I thought it was going to be bigger..." in disappointment. (TWSS)  The second necklace was recently given to me by my really good friend, Rhona; after she heard of Ezio's passing, she bought this necklace as a memento of affection & remembrance.  Both mean so much to me that unless I'm getting a massage, they stay on (shower, gym & all).

Jul 26, 2011

Red & White All Over

I have about a handful of summer go-to outfits in my wardrobe - just the same 4-5 that I rotate between.  I can buy new clothes, but no matter what (like a good pair of jeans), I resort back to the same few.  Luckily work outfits break up the monotony.  This SUPER CHEAP (and I am talking INEXPENSIVE) outfit is one of my favorites - monochromatic white is something I normally don't do (as someone who constantly has food in my teeth, hair & clothes, I avoid it all costs), but for the past 3 weeks, I think I've worn it at least 4 times.  The men's Fruit of the Loom wifebeater comes in a 3-pack & I simply used household scissors to cut the neckline & this F21 skirt was no more than $30.  Pair it up with a bright-colored bra (this one also from F21 for $5), slip on a pair of sandals & I look way more put together than the actual thought-process behind it.  Easy breezy man!
men's fruit of the loom wifebeater (DIY neckline), F21 skirt, F21 lace bra
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Jul 25, 2011

So What'd I Miss...eh eh eh?

Yes, it is true...your eyes do not deceive you: I have returned from the living dead!  Here's what you missed while I was away:
  • After Ezio passed away, I was pretty emo
  • Shortly after, I had a pretty bad accident to my left hand, which resulted in 17 stitches & a broken pinky
  • I rushed into surgery to get a pin implanted, which ensured my bone healed straight
  • I recently got the pin removed (it was only temporary) & I am now in physical therapy 2x a week for at least 8-weeks to recuperate 
my left hand, right after the accident
day of surgery
so close to being...
As fun as it was to pretend I was 1/10th Lady Deathstrike (or 1/6th Wolverine), it's been a rough 3 months trying to get acclimated with not using my left hand & once I was able to - reconditioning my hand to function after all of the trauma.  I'm still in physical therapy & working on being in good spirits, but after being away for so long, I really did miss blogging.  But as you can imagine, I could barely shower, nevertheless wearing FASHUNZ clothes, so it's been a rough journey.  Let's list some of things I COULD & COULD NOT do!

Stuff I COULD Do:                                                                    Stuff I COULD NOT Do:
1. Take as many painkillers as I wanted                               1. Take a normal shower
2. Watch an immense amount of Netflix                               2. Put my hand through sleeves
3. Put on eyeliner (I am right-handed)                                   3. Put on contacts
4. Type & text with one hand                                                   4. Submerge my hand in water
5. Travel (with ice)                                                                     5. Type & text with 2 hands
6. Go through airport security                                                 6. Run, exercise, or go to the gym
                                                                                                     7. Extend, flex or bend my hand & fingers
                                                                                                     8. Button my jeans
Anyway, no more sob stories, but I hope that explains my MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE.  Unfortunately, I did not come back with a different nose or bigger boobs...just the same ol me, but slightly broken, lol.

This past weekend I had a fun little trip with Rye Bread (afterall, I DID get the pin removed, it was time to celebrate!)  Going out deserves a little spiciness to an outfit, but I am OVER tight Herve Leger wanna-be dresses, so a loose top, jean cut-off shorts & a little thigh-highs was my go-to outfit.  Apologies for the gross room lighting. Doesn't it know I have a blog to upkeep? GOSH.
romeo & juliet couture top, american eagle jean shorts, victoria's secret thigh-highs, LAMB heels, gucci watch, hermes bracelet
Thanks for everyone's well-wishes on Formspring - I know I should have at least written a quick "BRB" note, but I could barely muster up the energy to turn on my computer, so thanks for sticking by me!  MY READERZ ARE DA BEST MANG.

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