Apr 30, 2010

How To: Streak of Color

There were so many pictures from Ohio, I haven't had the chance to go through them all, but trust, they're on their way!

We all get tired & bored of the same everyday make-up, (me included) so here's a quick & simple way to add a pop of color to your everyday look:

What you'll need:
+ your basic make-up kit (concealer, powder, etc.)
+ brown & black shadows
+ a bright eyeshadow (e.g. teal, purple, etc.)
+ neutral blush (using MAC's Coppertone)

+ start with a clean slate (concealer, eyebrows, etc.)
+ apply brown shadow from the lashline up to your crease & blend
+ apply black shadow to the outer corners (in a v-shape) & blend
+ curl lashes, line eyes & apply mascara
+ line lower lashline with liquid liner (3/4 of the entire eye)
+ using a thin, angled brush, apply a high-pigmented teal shadow (or any color of your choice) over the liquid liner on your lower lashes, as it helps retain the color throughout the day
+ apply mascara on lower lashes
+ apply a neutral blush (since we don't want our cheeks to compete with our eyes)
+ keep lips natural as well

finished: (sad that the lighting is better in my car than in my room)
peacock ring: beacons closet (brooklyn, ny)
Update: As you can probably tell, things have been a bit busier on my end, but I still love blogging...so to remain somewhat consistent, I'll probably stick to posting 2-3 times a week (versus daily). Sowwy weaders...I wuv you.

Questions? Ask here!

Apr 27, 2010

O-H-I-O [Sneak]

Sorry the lack of posts, but as you know, I went back to Columbus, Ohio to visit my family. Which I love & hate because I love my family but hate leaving them. Makes me has the sads.

Preview of pics until I finish uploading the rest of them!
en route from LAX to Dallas to Columbus
OSU campus: go buckeyes!
the girls of my family: christine, my mom, my niece, me, my cousin
pmn blouse (again!), martin + osa belt, f21 jeans

birthday couple
having a laugh with my sissy
personalized birthday cake!
april birthdays with our birthday hats: isabella, dylan, me (27), rye bread (30)
goody from our pinata: rye's sticky hand
my very own pinata!
h&m bracelet
en route back from columbus, no make-up because i cried it all off. sad!
my travel must-haves: glasses, a scarf, my blackberry, and mcdonald's french fries!
Want MOAR pictures? Will post soon!

Apr 21, 2010

Island in the Shade

Photos taken on literally a road island in front of LAX. Stop judging me passing cars! This is for my blog! Btw, I'm off to C-bus Ohio for the next few days to visit my family, stay tuned!
banana republic denim jacket, martin + osa top, bp leggings, jessica simpson boots
LAX behind me
I'll miss this view while I'm in Ohio
view from a nearby neighborhood (p.s. i take this road everyday to go to work)

something in my eye! it was super windy!
my best impression of a "karaoke model" can't you just hear "i can't liiiive...if living is without youuuu" in the background?

Apr 20, 2010

Go Speedracer Go!

I know this is technically a "fashion blog" - but I always sprinkle in my personal outings, just because, hey, why not! For Ryan's big 3-0, we had a few people over for a late lunch & then got our speed on at K1 Speed Indoor Go Kart Racing). Best idea for a guy's birthday EVAR. Seriously, if you guys don't know what to do for your boyfriends' / husbands' birthday, consider this, they'll love it.
homemade red velvet cupcakes by yours truly
homemade prosciutto & caramelized onions with fresh basil pizza (will have to do a recipe tutorial on this too!)
to prove that i indeed was the one who was cooking
sean, tim, birthday boy, rhona, me
live. work. create. shirt by brooklyn industries
party decorations from party city
rye bread blowing out the candles of his awesome cupcakes
real racecar, not the ones we drove
getting my gameface on. and YES we were required to wear helmets!
#27: sean, #9: tim, #24: anthony, #41: ryan, #38: rhona (i opted out of the second race)
Afterwards, nothing satisfies the hunger a race can bring like authentic ramen.
me, rye bread, rhona, tim, anthony

Apr 19, 2010

How To: Curlers Edition

I recently received a request on a tutorial for how I curl my hair with hot rollers. Now that I have shorter hair, I normally use a curling iron. But when I did have longer hair, my daily routine consisted of my go-to BFF: hot rollers. Although I will say, nothing is as UN-sexy as wearing hot rollers for 20 minutes around the house.

What you'll need:
+ hot rollers - using conair infiniti nano silver hot rollers
+ clips (normally comes with the hot rollers)
+ again, with my hair, first thing in the morning: STRAIGHT
+ the rollers are split into 3 sizes: small, medium, & large. i normally stick with the medium & large rollers (the smalls are WAY to small & gives me a pincurl, not cute.)
+ split your hair at it's natural line (mine falls naturally to the right)
+ take about an inch of your hair at the top & a medium roller; roll your hair INWARDS (down towards you)
+ same with the other side
+ continue to do so under the rollers so that you have two rows of curled-in rollers on each side of your head (should have used 4 medium curlers)
+ take an inch of hair in the back & medium roller; roll it in as you have been
+ take an inch of hair below that & roll it in as well (at this point, you've used all 6 mediums rollers)
+ use the large rollers now & continue to curl one-inch sections of your hair until all is complete
+ use a large roller for your bangs - but make sure to take it out after a few minutes or else you'll get FOB STATUS bangs
+ how your hair should be curled in from the left, back, & right
+ leave in for 20-minutes (or how long it takes for you to put on your make-up). also the middle curler turns white when it hot & red when it's cooled, that's also a good indicator of when it's time to take the curlers out.
+ when removing the hot curlers, make sure to remove them vertically to keep the curls taut
+ i remove based on how i put them in (sides, then back)
+ shake your hair!
+ with shorter hair, it'll make your hair extra short, so be forewarned - your longer hair will weigh it down & it won't look as...intense...

+ reppin' OSU. go buckeyes!

questions? ask here!