Apr 2, 2010

What's in My Purse

I received a request of what's in my purse, so here's a glimpse (I also linked to the same or similar items for reference):
note: I can't seem to find my purse / wallet, pretty sure they're discontinued

On a typical day, I'm wearing this LAMB purse (that's over 3+years old) because it's perfect for work & happy hour gatherings. Inside the purse itself, it's pretty organized: wallet, cosmetics bag, camera, business card / gift card holder, gum. I shove everything in the cosmetics bag, which helps keep things clutter-free within the purse itself.

Once you get INTO the cosmetics bag, that's when it gets dicey because I consider the below my "emergency touch-up makeup kit." To be fair, I feel like I will NEED everything at one point:
Now I know it's a lot, but contents include:
+ co bigelow vitamin mentha lip quad - 4 colors + a large mirror for precision application
+ blistex medicated ointment - my lips are often chapped (and rye bread always needs chapstick)
+ mac slimshine lipstick in scant - great natural color with one swipe
+ flirt! glamourazzi in standout - okay, i may not NEED this, but i like it
+ vicotria's secret very sexy lashes - for that last minute lash touch-up
+ nyc liquid eyeliner - the tail of my eyeliner can tend to smudge / fade
+ mac blush brush 129SE - compact & fits in most make-up bags
+ mac blush in stray rose - the perfect cheek color no matter what eye make-up i'm wearing
+ cover girl trublend in 3 - i use mac in the morning ,but for touch-ups, cover girl works
+ mac concealer in nc30 - to touch up dark circles & any blemises
+ shu uemura eyelash curler - a must have for opening your eyes after a long day's work
visine - a trick i learned while wearing contacts: apply to tear ducts (inner / outer corners of your eyes)
+ aleve - for my constant headaches / migraines
+ l'occitane solid perfume magnolia - smells good & is compact
+ coconut lime antibacterial gel - for those germies
+ goodies hair ties & bobby pins - in case my hair becomes unruly
+ bubbliciuos gum - because it's yummy

questions about this post or for me?

p.s. Rye Bread is going to kill me because I have the matching LAMB wallet to the purse, but am too lazy to get it out of the other purse it's stored in.


  1. oh god...i just thought about my OWN purse! Disaster.

    If I could be just 1/2 as organized as you, I'd be happy.

  2. I love these type of posts! It's always so cool to see what other people are carrying!

  3. i love what's in your bag posts! my bag is a big ol' mess. it takes me 5 min just to find something. hahahaha.

  4. Wow you carry a lot of makeup around with you! Great post though, your makeup pouch is super cute.

  5. Thanks for sharing! When I think I'm going to need touching up, I bring makeup with me and then never touch up! It happens like every time :) I put the details of my slumber party in my latest post so check it out- hopefully you can make it! xo, mel

  6. I love to see whats in others bag!! You have a lovely bag

  7. Ooo, like the make-up that you keep handy! I'm going to check out that blush ... where did you get your cosmetic bag? I'm so scared of traveling with make-up since I'm afraid it will crack/break/etc. And I adore your bag :) Happy Easter!

  8. aw man...this just reminded me that i lost my brand new nars blush. $28 down the drain :(

    sorry to be such a downer. your bag goodies are great :)

  9. Cute LAMB purse! I love What's in your bag posts. :)



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