Apr 19, 2010

How To: Curlers Edition

I recently received a request on a tutorial for how I curl my hair with hot rollers. Now that I have shorter hair, I normally use a curling iron. But when I did have longer hair, my daily routine consisted of my go-to BFF: hot rollers. Although I will say, nothing is as UN-sexy as wearing hot rollers for 20 minutes around the house.

What you'll need:
+ hot rollers - using conair infiniti nano silver hot rollers
+ clips (normally comes with the hot rollers)
+ again, with my hair, first thing in the morning: STRAIGHT
+ the rollers are split into 3 sizes: small, medium, & large. i normally stick with the medium & large rollers (the smalls are WAY to small & gives me a pincurl, not cute.)
+ split your hair at it's natural line (mine falls naturally to the right)
+ take about an inch of your hair at the top & a medium roller; roll your hair INWARDS (down towards you)
+ same with the other side
+ continue to do so under the rollers so that you have two rows of curled-in rollers on each side of your head (should have used 4 medium curlers)
+ take an inch of hair in the back & medium roller; roll it in as you have been
+ take an inch of hair below that & roll it in as well (at this point, you've used all 6 mediums rollers)
+ use the large rollers now & continue to curl one-inch sections of your hair until all is complete
+ use a large roller for your bangs - but make sure to take it out after a few minutes or else you'll get FOB STATUS bangs
+ how your hair should be curled in from the left, back, & right
+ leave in for 20-minutes (or how long it takes for you to put on your make-up). also the middle curler turns white when it hot & red when it's cooled, that's also a good indicator of when it's time to take the curlers out.
+ when removing the hot curlers, make sure to remove them vertically to keep the curls taut
+ i remove based on how i put them in (sides, then back)
+ shake your hair!
+ with shorter hair, it'll make your hair extra short, so be forewarned - your longer hair will weigh it down & it won't look as...intense...

+ reppin' OSU. go buckeyes!

questions? ask here!


  1. Whoa, it looks so different from your straight hair. Korean drama hair! (a compliment because they're so fashion forward with their hair)

  2. pretty curls! thanks for sharing!

  3. love the tutorial!
    so cute the picture of you shakin' the curls.
    gotta love action shots!

  4. couldyou please send me your email.. i want to feature you on my blog..



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  6. um...my hair would never look that good. i tried this for new year's and it was flat in seconds. ah well, you rock it best so work it girl!

  7. your hair looks super awesome!! amazing job!! love the curls.


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