Feb 28, 2010

Just an Orange County Girl

Went back to mah hometown of the (real) OC this weekend to 1. go to the dentist and 2. visit my best friend. Going to the dentist was fun because my right-side of my face was numb & paraylzed for 3-hours...and I drooled during lunch.

What is this wet stuff falling from the sky? (rain?) So I layered the same Chicago blazer with a sweater (that I made a sweater-dress by pulling it down), and leggings. 2nd pic: My hand made a shadow butt crack.

express blazer, leggings & sweater dress from tj maxx, jessica simpson booties
whoa - crazy woman hair
BFF was also forced to take an outfit picture, though I forgot to ask where she bought her clothes.

Her bras are totally hanging in the background. Ha.

Btw, both of our shoes are cute, right? Yeah, not after 5-hours of shopping. We were limping to the parking lot...crying.

Feb 26, 2010

Spring Awakening

If you haven't seen that play, you must - though be prepared for some grinding & boobies.

Back in LA, the weathermen LIE. So...back to layering.

h&m cardigan, martin + osa floral top, citizen jeans, f21 boots, f21 belt
I have to admit I enjoy wearing skinny belts over my layers to cinch in my waistline & it makes me feel less sloppy. Downside: Cuts off my circulation when I'm sitting at my desk...is it bad that I want to loosen the notch? Will you judge me? I haven't even eaten lunch yet!

Spring make-up: soft purples & no dark undereye liner, instead replaced by a shimmery gold liner and a tiny white bow makes me feel purty in & outside:
I'm pretty sure I have lipstick on my tooth.

P.S. Is it even spring yet? Or is this wishful thinking?

Feb 24, 2010

And You Say Chi-City

One of the perks of my job is that I fly to Chicago relatively often (about once a month). I love the city - the fact that they have actual seasons, the El, the expensable cab fare, hotel & food...just about everything.

Since I travel often to much colder states (Chicago for work & Columbus for home), I often look ridiculous layering so much while in LAX, but the moment I get off the plane in Chicago (where it is high 20's), I'm sure glad I did:

express blazer, gap cardigan, martin + osa long-sleeved, citizen jeans
Dressing for the advertising industry is tricky: you want to dress nice, but not overly formal (or else you look out of place & God forbid...uncool).
martin + osa long-sleeved shirt, skirt from francesca's, f21 accessories & belt, nine west nude wedge
You'll notice that is the same shirt I wore the day before. I was going to wear a grey short-sleeved shirt until my mom advised me that a long-sleeved shirt would help me avoid being cold in an AC room or too hot if wore my jacket. Why are moms so smart?

I ended up changing into jeans for dinner because I didn't want to be that girl...you know, the douchette who didn't wear clothes appropriate for the weather. Shivering in the snow & slipping on ice is not cute.

Feb 21, 2010

What I Want Want Want

Inspired by the video. Here's a not-so-everyday-look, though I know it's not as extreme as Rihanna's.

Step 1: Prep your face. Apply a cream base all over your eyelids. The good thing is that her eyebrows aren't defined, so I didn't bother doing anything to mine.

MAC Pearl cream shadow

Step 2: Using a copper shadow, apply liberally from the inner corners to the middle of your eyelid, make sure to go over the crease itself. Using a true purple shadow, extend the shadow to the outer corners and past your eyebrows, near your hairline.

MAC Mulch, 88-color palette: 8th on the bottom row

Step 3: Using a fushia pink, extend the eyeshadow above the purple - again, you want it close to your hairline. Blend with your fingers.
MAC Creme de Violet, 88-color palette: 7th on the bottom row

Step 4: Add a golder shimmery shadow to the center of your lids. Line eyes top of your eyelids with a black (pencil) liner.
MAC Melon loose eyeshadow, Sephora pencil liner Deep Black

Step 5: Line lower eyelids with black (pencil) liner, then blend with the copper shadow. Make sure it goes a little lower behind your lashline. Curl lashes & add mascara to your upper & lower lashes.

Sephora pencil liner Deep Black, MAC Mulch

Step 6: Use bronzer under your cheekbones to accentuate. Sucking in always helps to know where to bronze. Highlight with an orange-y blush - we don't want the blush to compete with the crazy eyeshadow, so stay away from pinks / purples.
MAC Bronze, MAC blush Coppertone

Step 7: Concealer on the lips for a nude color.
Benefit Boi-ing concealer 02

Step 8: The fun (and kind of weird) part: drawing that random black line on your lower lip. I used liquid liner for better precision (and so it's easier to take off). Then apply clear gloss on the surrounding lip area.
Maybelline Line Stilleto Blackest Black

Touch up any colors (if you want it brighter with more definition).

End result:
p.s. i really wanted to do a whole shoot but
1. how the hell am i supposed to do my hair like her's?
2. unless one of you has a rasta fringe skirt i can borrow, i am not rockin' that outfit anytime soon.

Celebrity Doppleganger

As you guys may know, 2 weeks ago was Celebrity Doppleganger Week on Facebook where you put the celebrity you've been told you look like as your profile picture...I present to you my celeb look-alike:

Brenda Song:
photo source: google images

In case you don't know who she is, she plays London Tipton on the Suite Life of Zack & Cody & was also featured on Disney's TV movie Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.

May it be the hair, the round face, or the fact that I'm Asian...every time I show this picture, everyone is like, "sh*t that looks like you!" Better than what I used to get...Trini from the Power Rangers.

Who is your celebrity doppleganger?


No need to say it. I know, I know; I'm so lame...

Because there isn't a fascinating reason why I've been gone...
Nope, didn't get kidnapped & murdered.
Nope, didn't get pregnant & married to Tracy Morgan
Nope, didn't get an exotic job as a model in Paris

Just got overworked and put the blogging on hold. But my, I've missed it (and you guys). So I'm back and I hope it's all water under the bridge & you can forgive me? Let's get back!

What's new you may ask? Well I cut my hair & I gave myself blunt-cut bangs:
do i have food in my teeth?

I have my hair pulled back, so you can't see the cut, but I cut about 7", so it's just below my shoulders...next post, I promise. In upcoming posts, I'll show how I trim & cut my bangs. It's a great way to change up your look without a drastic cut.

Weather in SoCal has been weird...for our (high) standards. That means great opportunity for layering.

club monaco b/w striped turtle neck, gap cardigan, f21 belt, citizen jeans

f21 necklace

Rye Bread was really helpful & took the shots for me...and of course...OUT-TAKES:

jigga wha?