Feb 21, 2010

What I Want Want Want

Inspired by the video. Here's a not-so-everyday-look, though I know it's not as extreme as Rihanna's.

Step 1: Prep your face. Apply a cream base all over your eyelids. The good thing is that her eyebrows aren't defined, so I didn't bother doing anything to mine.

MAC Pearl cream shadow

Step 2: Using a copper shadow, apply liberally from the inner corners to the middle of your eyelid, make sure to go over the crease itself. Using a true purple shadow, extend the shadow to the outer corners and past your eyebrows, near your hairline.

MAC Mulch, 88-color palette: 8th on the bottom row

Step 3: Using a fushia pink, extend the eyeshadow above the purple - again, you want it close to your hairline. Blend with your fingers.
MAC Creme de Violet, 88-color palette: 7th on the bottom row

Step 4: Add a golder shimmery shadow to the center of your lids. Line eyes top of your eyelids with a black (pencil) liner.
MAC Melon loose eyeshadow, Sephora pencil liner Deep Black

Step 5: Line lower eyelids with black (pencil) liner, then blend with the copper shadow. Make sure it goes a little lower behind your lashline. Curl lashes & add mascara to your upper & lower lashes.

Sephora pencil liner Deep Black, MAC Mulch

Step 6: Use bronzer under your cheekbones to accentuate. Sucking in always helps to know where to bronze. Highlight with an orange-y blush - we don't want the blush to compete with the crazy eyeshadow, so stay away from pinks / purples.
MAC Bronze, MAC blush Coppertone

Step 7: Concealer on the lips for a nude color.
Benefit Boi-ing concealer 02

Step 8: The fun (and kind of weird) part: drawing that random black line on your lower lip. I used liquid liner for better precision (and so it's easier to take off). Then apply clear gloss on the surrounding lip area.
Maybelline Line Stilleto Blackest Black

Touch up any colors (if you want it brighter with more definition).

End result:
p.s. i really wanted to do a whole shoot but
1. how the hell am i supposed to do my hair like her's?
2. unless one of you has a rasta fringe skirt i can borrow, i am not rockin' that outfit anytime soon.


  1. lol, yeah right, this is how you NORMALLY look!
    Looks like you're having a fun time with your return to bloggin'!

  2. wow, that looks really cool ! I would be too shy to wear it though, even to go to the club !

  3. that's a cool look :) i'm still working on attempting brighter lipsticks. hahaha.

    i'm loving your blogposts! glad you're back!

  4. Rad makeup and great step by step tutorial!!

  5. oh man awesome recreation! the eyeshadow to the temples thing is pretty extreme but it doesn't look weird on you for some reason

  6. This is a tremendous effort that I totally love! Welcome back to the blogging world dear!!

  7. So so so glad you are back! xo The makeup is awesome. :)

  8. Wow you did an awesome job on this!! It looks just like Rihanna's look. I really love the colors so I'd probably try this on a night out, but I don't think I'd be brave enough to do the whole extending out to the hairline thing!

  9. i thought the thing on her lip was a lip ring. apparently i'm wrong haha

  10. you have the perfect face for makeup...like the perfect palette, i swear! this same look would have me looking like a clown :(


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