Feb 24, 2010

And You Say Chi-City

One of the perks of my job is that I fly to Chicago relatively often (about once a month). I love the city - the fact that they have actual seasons, the El, the expensable cab fare, hotel & food...just about everything.

Since I travel often to much colder states (Chicago for work & Columbus for home), I often look ridiculous layering so much while in LAX, but the moment I get off the plane in Chicago (where it is high 20's), I'm sure glad I did:

express blazer, gap cardigan, martin + osa long-sleeved, citizen jeans
Dressing for the advertising industry is tricky: you want to dress nice, but not overly formal (or else you look out of place & God forbid...uncool).
martin + osa long-sleeved shirt, skirt from francesca's, f21 accessories & belt, nine west nude wedge
You'll notice that is the same shirt I wore the day before. I was going to wear a grey short-sleeved shirt until my mom advised me that a long-sleeved shirt would help me avoid being cold in an AC room or too hot if wore my jacket. Why are moms so smart?

I ended up changing into jeans for dinner because I didn't want to be that girl...you know, the douchette who didn't wear clothes appropriate for the weather. Shivering in the snow & slipping on ice is not cute.


  1. wow! nice outfits! I really like your photo on the chair with that lighting. I hope that you had a nice time there.

  2. How exciting that you get to travel as part of your job - I adore Chicago! You look gorgeous in both outfits!! :)

  3. i really love chicago too, such a fun city. dressing for the job is fun, i wear scrubs everyday so no fun. =) speaking of dressing for the city, when i go to the west coast, ppl comment saying i dress "so serious like east coast serious." what does that mean? i got it in LA and napa. and they didn't say it to compliment either. hahahahah

  4. I really like the nail polish you're wearing on the last photo !

  5. very cute pics! love the outfits. and i likey the haircut! :)

  6. you look so great! LOVE your hair!

  7. I've sorta been that girl wearing flip flops in the snow. Don't think less of me. Ah ha ha. Love the skirt!

  8. Hi! New to your blog and I think it's great you can still wear skirts when it's 20 degrees in Chicago? Eeek.. I can't even expose my legs if it's lie below 75. hahah. love the layers and following now. Hope you'll visit and follow back!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  9. love the outfits, very casual cool & effortless.

  10. Great work outfit! You look very "hip" as the young people say ;)


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