Feb 21, 2010


No need to say it. I know, I know; I'm so lame...

Because there isn't a fascinating reason why I've been gone...
Nope, didn't get kidnapped & murdered.
Nope, didn't get pregnant & married to Tracy Morgan
Nope, didn't get an exotic job as a model in Paris

Just got overworked and put the blogging on hold. But my, I've missed it (and you guys). So I'm back and I hope it's all water under the bridge & you can forgive me? Let's get back!

What's new you may ask? Well I cut my hair & I gave myself blunt-cut bangs:
do i have food in my teeth?

I have my hair pulled back, so you can't see the cut, but I cut about 7", so it's just below my shoulders...next post, I promise. In upcoming posts, I'll show how I trim & cut my bangs. It's a great way to change up your look without a drastic cut.

Weather in SoCal has been weird...for our (high) standards. That means great opportunity for layering.

club monaco b/w striped turtle neck, gap cardigan, f21 belt, citizen jeans

f21 necklace

Rye Bread was really helpful & took the shots for me...and of course...OUT-TAKES:

jigga wha?


  1. love the color of your sweater! nice make-up too <3

  2. there u are! glad you're back miss! =)

  3. JEEEPERS LADY!!! 6 months later! hahaha! so glad you're back, i was seriously missin' some hoisin in my life. LOVE the bangs. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  4. Steph! Do you realize that I kept checking back (b/c I visit my blogroll links nearly daily) to see if you had updated a number of times these past few months? Was getting concerned but then I chalked it up to the fact that you must have gotten busy. So excited to see that you've returned!

    And the bangs.. super cute. You look fab.

    Looking forward to your new posts, and glad to see you're OK!

    xo, becs

  5. yayyyyyyyy you're back! was afraid you were gone for good but you weren't so WOOHOO

  6. UGH. ABOUT TIME! I was suffering withdrawals from lack of humorous/sarcastic commentary. Good to have you back, my dear. =)

    Oh and love the bangs. NOW I WANT MINE BACK.

  7. yay! you're back! i've missed your posts. i'm loving the bangs! i've been contemplating what to do with mine for awhile now. maybe i'll do blunt bangs!

    welcome back! :)

  8. Hahah! There you are! :) Hope all is well... I've havent been bloggin' as much either... life gets busy! But if YOU are back... I might as well try to get more into it too! :)

  9. You look gorgeous lady. Wow. Your bangs are killer!

  10. STEPH! I missed you girly! glad you are back :) and looking cute as ever. love the bangs.

  11. I've been wondering where you've been! Geez. I'm glad you're back, and your bangs looks great!

  12. Ahh, I've missed you and I'm glad you're back! Love your new bangs and that outfit is adorable :)

  13. haha I've missed your hilarious sense of humor! That last shot is priceless.

  14. Gorgeous!!!! I love the bangs...you're an incredible hair cutter...I would have probably poked my eye out with the scissors.

  15. glad you're back! i was like the others and checked back often to see if you blogged. :)


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