Jul 30, 2010

How To: Bronze Eyes

As I'm still trying to get used to not wearing liquid eyeliner, this bronzed-eye look is great for summer, giving you a little color without looking overdone or too bare.

If you pay close attention, frame-by-frame, you'll see my hair slowly lose its volume & curls. My hair is very straight (and somewhat thin), so as I'm typing this, my hair has lost about 1/2 of its volume. Products only weigh my hair down more...sigh.

What you'll need (actual products used are listed in steps):
+ your basic make-up kit (concealer, powder, etc.)
+ brown eyeshadow
+ taupe eyeshadow
+ copper / bronze cream eyeshadow (optional)
+ copper / bronze eyeshadow (loose or compact)
+ black pencil liner
+ brown pencil liner (optional)
+ bronzer
+ blush
+ neutral lipliner & lipstick
+ start off with your normal base routine (concealer, powder, fill in your eyebrows)
+ apply brown shadow on eyelids - up to your crease (using Kat Von D's eyeshadow in Leather)
+ blend up & out with a taupe shadow so it's not as harsh (using Laura Mercier in Whiskey)
+ with your ring finger, gently pat a bronze cream eye shadow in the same area (using NARS in Mykonos)
+ apply a bronze eyeshadow over the cream shadow (using MAC's loose shadow in Subtle)
+ curl your eyelashes (using Shu Uemura eyelash curler)
+ line your upper water line (right inside your lashline) - this gives you a fuller lash look & is a good substitute for a natural lined look (using MAC in Engraved, but I like Sephora's waterproof liner in Deep Black as it's creamier & easier to apply)
+ apply mascara (using Maybelline's Define-a-Lash in Black)
+ apply a iridescent white shadow on your inner corners - avoid highlighting your browbones, that's a little too obvious & too shimmery for this look (using Kat Von D in Tequila)
+ apply a dark brown pencil to the outer corners of your lower lash line (using MAC in Taupe)
+ highlight with the same bronzed eye shadow over the brown liner (using MAC in Subtle)
+ apply a bronzer right below your cheekbones (using NARS in Silvana)
+ for a more flushed look (and to add a little dimension), I applied a pink blush to the apples of my cheek (using NARS in Angelika)
+ line lips with a neutral liner (using NARS in Tortola)
+ fill lips in with a light shimmery pink lipstick (using Revlon in Blushed)


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Jul 28, 2010

All-American Girl

Who says you have to be blond-haired & blue-eyed to be All-American? I'm just as American as the next girl - being born & raised in OC and having my family live in the mid-west, come on! We play CORN HOLE at family picnics!

The weather in SoCal has been a bit cooler than I would expect for late July, but pairing a classic white-button down & denim shorts is the perfect compromise. Not too warm & not too cool. Wearing a thin (non-padded) bra allows me to unbutton my shirt a little lower since the girls aren't spilling over.
martin + osa shirt, american eagle shorts, f21 belt
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Jul 26, 2010

How To: Ponytail Edition

In the Rodarte post, I was asked to do a tutorial on the simple, yet voluminous, ponytail I had. This is super simple and is my go-to hair style when 1. I have dirty hair 2. The neckline of my outfit is high or 3. My hair is being stupid.

What you'll need:
+ 1 - 2 ponytail holders (I like Goody hair ties with no metal)
+ small plastic claw clip
+ bobby pins
+ hairspray
+ day-old hair (aka: dirty hair)
+ i curled my hair with hot rollers to add texture and grip to my hair (otherwise my hair will fall out of the rubberband) though this is optional. if i don't have time, i use my straight hair and it works just fine too.
+ take a section of hair by the crown of your head
+ make sure to grab the lower layers (and not just the top or else the volume will look flat)
+ don't grab your bangs - leave them down as is
+ secure with the small claw clip
+ grab the rest of your hair & secure with a rubberband
+ wrap the rubberband behind the claw clip (and try to avoid tangling the claw clip within the hair tie)
+ i use 2 rubberbands to ensure my hair will stay put!
+ unclip the claw clip (don't leave it in or else people might think you're wearing those weird fake hair pieces!)
+ gently pull out hairs around the crown to add volume - don't take it out all the way though!
+ don't worry about it being perfect, pulling out the hair will add shape & volume
+ make sure to pull from the roots (and lower layers), or else your "bump" can look flimsy
+ hairspray any fly aways
+ you can pull out any additional layers to frame your face or spray back the sides for a more "severe" look
+ i bobby pin the small baby hairs on the nape of my neck & hair spray them - that's optional, it can look a lot more natural letting those be

Don't worry about it being "perfect" - it's not a bouffant, it's a simple & easy way to get your hair up & out. Actually the messier it is, the more rock-and-roll it looks.

Good luck!

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Jul 23, 2010

Same Jacket, Different Outfit

I should probably vary what I wear post to post, but nothing like a versatile denim jacket for cooler summer nights.

I am feeling better, though not 100%, and if you look closely in some photos, you can see the bruises on my arm from the hospital IV. (I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK). I wanted the disclaimer that I wasn't either being abused or abusing drugs.

I haven't gone out to dinner since being sick - so a couple of friends, Rye Bread & I are going to one of my go-to places: Salt Creek Grill in El Segundo. While the restaurants may be famous for their seafood & steaks, my favorite dish there is their "Stuffed Blues" burger: gorgonzolas-stuffed with fried onions on a hawaiian bun? Nom.

target shirt, express shorts & tights, old scarf, dollhouse ballet flats, banana republic jacket

I also decided to NOT wear liquid eyeliner tonight, for a little more natural look. I must say it does take a little getting used to. I tried doing a tutorial, but the lighting was so bad, so I'll have to try again soon.
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Jul 22, 2010

Sick as a Dog

I've been out sick for the past 10 days (yes, TEN), but am on the mend and hope to be fully recovered shortly. I don't want to get into too many details (and really, doubt you guys want to hear / read it), but should be back full-force soon.

In the meanwhile, I wore this outfit for a housewarming party a few weeks ago. United Colors of Benetton was having a 50% off the ENTIRE store, so I grabbed this dress (and a few other items) at no more than $15 each! Score.
united colors of benetton dress, banana republic jacket, scarf from nordstrom rack, lamb watch

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Jul 12, 2010

PMN: Rodarte for Target

It's no secret I love PMN with my constant purchases & postings; awhile back I purchased this new leopard print dress, but with its distinct print, I knew that I couldn't just wear it out to dinner and have been saving it for a special occasion. Last Friday it was my friend's birthday & we all headed to the Edison in DTLA for some drinks...aka: a perfect opportunity for me to wear this Rodarte for Target dress.
Rye Bread was a good sport & we had a mini photoshoot of our own:
And a few photos from the Edison:
birthday boy, sean, in the middle
a couple of guys i'm sure you've seen here before
two close girl friends, aileen & joan
my own personal throne
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Jul 8, 2010

How To: Birds Eye View

Steph: "I'm totally going to name this post 'birds eye view!' I don't know why I think of these things as I'm doing my make-up, I love puns!"
Rye Bread: "Why 'birds eye view'?"
Steph: "Because look at my eyes! They're like bird eyes"
Rye Bread: "I thought that was called cat eyes or something"
Steph: "Well normally it is, but see how they go in my inner corners? Like a bird!"
Rye Bread: "Doesn't that just mean it's a double cat eye?"
Steph: "You realize this conversation is going on my blog, right?"

I don't need to justify my puns! This look is not for those who are afraid of eyeliner, especially liquid.

What you'll need:
+ taupe eyeshadow
+ black liquid liner
+ black pencil liner
+ neutral blush
+ hot pink lipgloss

+ start with your usual routine: concealer, powder, filled-in brows, etc.
+ apply a taupe eyeshadow from your lashline to the crease of your lids
(note: i did this after work, hence i already have mascara on, please ignore)
+ heavily apply liquid liner to your upper eyelids
+ wing out the outer edges
+ continue to line on the inner corners (it looks weird at first, don't worry)
+ still using liquid liner, carefully line your lower lashline
+ using black pencil liner, line your lower waterline (the inside part of your lower lashline)
+ apply a neutral blush (or brozner)
+ lipgloss be poppin'

Of course Rye Bread photobombing. He drives me insane sometimes:

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