Jul 12, 2010

PMN: Rodarte for Target

It's no secret I love PMN with my constant purchases & postings; awhile back I purchased this new leopard print dress, but with its distinct print, I knew that I couldn't just wear it out to dinner and have been saving it for a special occasion. Last Friday it was my friend's birthday & we all headed to the Edison in DTLA for some drinks...aka: a perfect opportunity for me to wear this Rodarte for Target dress.
Rye Bread was a good sport & we had a mini photoshoot of our own:
And a few photos from the Edison:
birthday boy, sean, in the middle
a couple of guys i'm sure you've seen here before
two close girl friends, aileen & joan
my own personal throne
questions? ask here!


  1. you always have the hottest outfits!
    you and ryebread are so cute together :)

  2. haha, i can imagine ryan saying "C'MON SELf-TIMER!!"

    not that you're fat...you're light as a feather! ;)

  3. looks great on you! love the shoes!

  4. ow ow! you are stunning girl ! red + leopard = hot !

    xx lue

  5. completely unrelated but i love that you have a civic and i love that you love it! <3

    completely related...a) you look hot and b) was the edison all that it's cracked up to be? i remember trying to go there once maybe 3 years ago or so except it was raining and the line to get in was ridiculous. i heard it's supposed to be supercool, though.

  6. dress looks good on you girl!


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