Jul 6, 2010

The 4th

How were your guys' 4th of July? Having a 4-day weekend was the perfect remedy to my busy schedule. And I purposely took that time to catch up on my magazines & some much needed sun.

For the 4th, friends & I went to a local beach & since I have stick-straight hair, I knew that any beach waves I created wouldn't stay, so I opted for what most girls are doing - Dutch braids. My hair wasn't long enough, but the magic of bobby-pins helped.

+ Split hair down the center (I left my bangs parted to the side)
+ Braid each side & secure with hair ties
+ Simply pull each up to the center of your head & pin with bobby pins
+ Any left over strands only adds to the "modernness" of it - and helps prevent looking like a milkmaid.
Some 4th of July pics:hiding drinks from the cops (no alcohol on the beach you know!)
new girl friends i made
deep(ly inebriated) conversations
of course a rye bread & steph shot
del rey bike path
harajuku lovers hoodie

questions? ask here!


  1. what a fun day! that hair is outta this world!

  2. that's such a cute 'do! :)
    love all the beach pics, looks like so much fun!

  3. You are too cute! Love the hair. :))

  4. Omg you always have the coolest hair-dos! This would literally be impossible with my slippery hair without some sort of divine intervention.

  5. you look so cute!

    i rocked the dutch braids too while i was in hawaii. easy peasy!


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