Feb 27, 2013

No P.A.I.N., No L.A.M.B.

While I don't have a lot of friends, I do have a select few that I cherish. I say that because a good friend of mine bought these L.A.M.B. shoes and since she's pregnant, isn't able to enjoy them as much as she originally anticipated. She was going to sell them but thought of me first (so thoughtful!), and I snatched them up at the chance! Unfortunately they're a 6.5 and I'm a size 7, but you know what? I couldn't resist. I pulled a Cinderella's step-sister and squeezed my bulbous feet in them.

AND I LOVE THEM. I also hate them because they're extremely painful. But my solution: going to a shoe repair and having them professionally stretched out. I was worried my toes would hang over, but I think it's just the heel and sides that need a little wiggle room. The things we do for fashion!
US Army jacket (similar here and here), UniqueLA tank (similar here),
F21 boyfriend jeans, L.A.M.B. heels (similar here)
This jacket is an authentic US Army jacket I bought at the Pasadena Swap Meet awhile back. I love the over-sized feel of it and the fact that it's authentic. Ryan scared me and said it was haunted. I only wear it in the day or when I'm with friends now...just in case.
Lastly, no post would be a post without D:
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Feb 25, 2013

DJ Dub Step(h)

You guys know Confession Bear? Well, admittedly, this was my confession:
I would hear people go, "Oh I love dub step!" "Oh I effing HATE dub step!" and every time I'd hear the music, I assumed it was ONE particular DJ. It took me a LONG time to realize it was a style of music and not someone who happened to be called, DJ Dub Step.

With that said, I knew who Skrillex was (I saw him at a work event once...weird and cool and weird some more) but I didn't realize that he WASN'T DJ Dub Step. The things you learn!

Anyway, I say that because I'm kind of into long one-sided-bangs, not sweeping, but just an asymmetrical look with my hair pulled back. You can see it here with a high bun. With my bangs pretty much grown out, I think it gives a different look to just side-swept bangs that I used to have.

I was inspired to wear all black with colored heels but wanted to add some sort of print - in comes my leopard scarf!
Lululemon Wunder Unders (similar here), Old Navy tank (not shown, similar here),
Express boyfriend's blazer (similar here), L.A.M.B. blue heels (similar here and here),
Old Navy leopard scarf (similar here), Tom Ford glasses (similar here)
If you look closely, you can see that I have Dallas' tennis ball in hand.
For all of you dog-owners and lovers out there, you know our #1 tool (which I failed to use): A LINT ROLLER.

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Feb 22, 2013

I Am Your Biggest Fan

BONUS ROUND. Challenge: Week 1, Day 4! (Check out Day 1, 2, and 3)

Since it started to rain while taking these photos, I immediately changed out of the shorts and tights into pants and flat boots. A girl's gotta be comfortable and warm! I'm really enjoying sprucing up my wardrobe, not with new shirts or jackets, but with printed pants. I know they've been here for awhile and while they may not be as versatile as a shirt, they're still my favorite things in the closet.

Ryan's sister bought these Uniqlo pants for me for Christmas. In her words, "They're super 'Gwen Stefani,' so I thought you'd like them." AND SHE WAS RIGHT. Anything Gwen Stefani-ish, and I'm in! I'm her biggest fan!

Uniqlo houndstooth pants (similar here), Cloud Nine black t-shirt (similar here), 
Aqua blazer (similar here), Steve Madden military boots

Here are a few of my favorite printed pants that are on my wish-list (once the wedding is over and I'm not on a "shopping freeze.") I prefer pants and jeans versus leggings when it comes to printed styles only because if you have thicker legs, the print can tend to stretch and morph. Wearing either structured pants or loose pants allows the print to show off without changing. I also prefer geometric prints with bold or b/w colors as I find them much more versatile than floral prints. Tuxedo pants are one of my one my must-haves, no matter the season or event. These are my choices from F21, since I know they're trendy and I don't want readers spending a fortune on them.

Click on the image for the link and prices:

Feb 21, 2013

Totally Rad!

One of my closest friends, Rhona, had her 35th birthday at a karaoke bar in Koreatown with a pretty amazing theme...the 90's! Aren't doing "80's-themed parties" so 2000-and-late? (Isn't the term "2000-and-late" super 2000-and-late? Help me I'm in a loop.)

Initially when my friend Sarah and I were figuring what to wear, SO MANY ideas came to mind - I mean think about it, the 90s was the epitome of our childhood and teenage years! Think of all the shows - from cartoons (Doug! Rocco's Modern Life!) to sitcoms (Blossom! Sister Sister! Full House!) to musical acts (TLC! Janet Jackson! Salt n Pepa!) to movies (Clueless! Pretty Woman! Pulp Fiction!)

Ultimately, I didn't want to spend too much money on faded jeans and flowered-print vests and we didn't want to as a specific character - just more "thematic." Luckily I JUST so happen to stumble across Ryan's older sister's homecoming dress. This thing is a pretty good summary of 90's "glam." Think: VELVET. GOLD SEQUIN. PEARLS. HALTER TOP. SKIN TIGHT. Man, I felt right into an En Vogue or Paula Abdul music video.

I paired up this super tight dress with sheer pantyhose (hey, did anyone else's mom used to wear L'eggs pantyhose and they came in those egg-shell things?!), but since I didn't want to wear heels (I felt I fell into "Pretty Woman" territory), I layered knee-high black socks, and combat boots. An over-sized army jacket added some modesty to so much skin exposure that I'm mostly uncomfortable with.
Ryan's sister's old dress (modern take here, here, and here)
Ryan wore his dad's faded jeans, a white tee, and an oversized leather jacket...man, if he would have worn a flannel tied around his waist, he would have his Joey Lawrence outfit complete!
Sarah rocked a 90210 look with flower shorts, black tights, white chucks, and an oversized Levi's jacket. Rhona went for grunge with a Nirvana shirt, ripped jeans, and a flannel. I love the 90s!
Arthur went the preppy route with a United Colors of Benetton sweater and neon shirt. My name tag says: "Hello, my name is...LISA FRANK."
Potentially one of the best outfits was Crystal's - with her MONICA LEWINSKY dress, complete with "stain" and all!

Feb 20, 2013

The One With The Sparkle

Challenge: Week 1, Day 3 (see Day 1 and 2).

Going out doesn't mean having to wear skin-tight dresses that you're constantly pulling down. I favor pants or shorts with tights for outings and I added the blue blazer to add color and keep me warm so I'm not shivering outside of a club (YOUKNOW those girls).

You guys, I bought these shorts for $3 when F21 was having a huge sale! They're a little ridiculous and shiny, but I can't help but love them. I think it's the houndstooth print...I'm such a sucker!
Forever 21 Houndstooth shorts (similar here and here), Cloud Nine black tee (similar here),
Aqua blazer (cheaper version here), Hue black tights (similar here),
Chinese Laundry black suede pumps (similar here and here)

What other piece of clothing should I work around? 

Feb 19, 2013

The Challenge

A few days ago Ryan gave me a great idea for the blog. The challenge: style and wear a select piece of clothing 3 times a week. Challenge accepted!

Since I wore my blue blazer with my BFM shirt on Saturday, I decided to swing the pendulum the other way and go girly. Usually when I wear dresses, I go with a cardigan to keep the femininity, but wearing a blazer gives it some structure I like.

CCT Style dress (similar here), Aqua Blazer (cheaper version here), Cole Haan suede booties, F21 studded belt

I'm FINALLY getting the hang of doing victory rolls in my hair. And by "getting the hang," I still mean that I struggle with the smaller one on the left. I mean, how "symmetrical" should they be? Do I look like Mickey Mouse? So many questions for the newb!

Feb 17, 2013


I realize that this blog is hanging on by a thread, but once again, I promise to take more photos.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you see snippets of my outfits, nails, and hairstyles. Lately I've been much more...adventurous (e.g: victory rolls, modern french nails). My goal is to not only to take more blog-worthy photos but to also add tutorials! 

As my style has evolved, I'm making a conscious effort to not do an overhaul of clothing, but instead, either add key pieces that can update what I already have or pair pieces together things I haven't before. For instance, I've had this blue blazer for the past year or two and have only worn it a few times. I've also had this "Bill Fuckin' Murray" (BFM) shirt for 6+ months, but never thought to put them together. When paired, it looks a lot more put-together than if I just wore this shirt with jeans. The blazer adds a sense of purpose, if you will. The plaid belt and military boots adds more punk to it. This, I can see myself wearing to the office more often! 

One of the most common questions on AskPhivy is how to re-do your wardrobe - I highly recommend updating your looks by incorporating a few newer pieces, but first get a sense of style you'd like and then figure out what you already have that may work. Jeans, leggings, basic tees will go with whatever style you go for - so never throw those out just because you want something new.
The Chive Bill Fucking Murray shirt (similar here),  Aqua blazer (cheaper version here) , boyfriend jeans,
a&f kids plaid belt, steve madden military boots, la mer for target watch

You may go, "Hey Steph, I follow your blog and AskPhivy for awhile and you look...DIFFERENT." Before rumors get started...no, I did not get a nose job (ain't nobody got time for that!)...I've been focusing my makeup skills on contouring and really like how slimming my nose has been looking in pictures. It's my next goal for a beauty tutorial!

And no post would be complete without pictures of Dallas and of course...outtakes (mainly because they include Dallas):