Feb 20, 2013

The One With The Sparkle

Challenge: Week 1, Day 3 (see Day 1 and 2).

Going out doesn't mean having to wear skin-tight dresses that you're constantly pulling down. I favor pants or shorts with tights for outings and I added the blue blazer to add color and keep me warm so I'm not shivering outside of a club (YOUKNOW those girls).

You guys, I bought these shorts for $3 when F21 was having a huge sale! They're a little ridiculous and shiny, but I can't help but love them. I think it's the houndstooth print...I'm such a sucker!
Forever 21 Houndstooth shorts (similar here and here), Cloud Nine black tee (similar here),
Aqua blazer (cheaper version here), Hue black tights (similar here),
Chinese Laundry black suede pumps (similar here and here)

What other piece of clothing should I work around? 


  1. 3 bucks! What a steal!!

    Next: shirt dress?

  2. LOL yes we all know "that" girl, heck i've been that girl! love this look for going out. this is a tough challenge you've got going on, can't wait to see your next post =)


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