Apr 28, 2011

F_ck Sh_t Stack

Last night Rye Bread, his cousins, Tim & Anthony, & I went to The Music Box to watch Donald Glover (and his alter-ego Childish Gambino) on the iamdonald tour.  Best decision EVAR.  My coworkers also went & we spent a good amount of the time tweeting back & forth - I'm pretty sure this might be our new "team building" activity.  Drinking + comedy + music?  What can beat that?  Definitely check out Donald's tour dates & see if he's coming to a venue near you; it' really cool because he does half stand-up & half his music - which, btw, blew the house down.  Really amazing stuff.

But! One of my favorite parts was when I spotted the amazing Reggie Watts (you might have seen him on Conan - he's a regular) when he walked right by me.  He ended up doing a few freestyle songs with Childish Gambino & Rye & I were AMAZED.  Definitely a highlight of the night.  When we got back, we spent another hour watching youtube videos of Reggie Watts - one of my favorites is a song called "F_ck Sh_t Stack" - totally explicit lyrics, so put your headphones on if you decide to listen.

Yup, these are the same shorts I wore here (so versatile!) but the funny part is, the reason why I belt it is because I accidentally lost the top button & the belt hides this flaw! How embarrassing! Also, this is my hair au naturel (no curls) & still wet - with the exception of my bangs, where I used a 2" curling iron.  (Seriously can't stand flat bangs against my face.)  Even when I leave my hair straight throughout the day (and especially if I do use heat products), I prep it with Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum & Garnier's Nutrient Glossing Spray.
ashley leather jacket, threads for thought tee, cynthia steffe shorts, wanted shoes (gifted), j.crew belt

Apr 27, 2011

Springing into Action

Ugh I need a better title than that.  What is wrong with me?  So many spring puns, and THAT'S what I came up with?  I'm sorry readers.

As you guys may (or may not) know, I'm a huge fan of consignment (or second-hand) stores - Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading, etc.  Like any thrift / vintage stores, it's hit or miss, but I've been able to find a few gems; especially when it comes to jeans.  7 for All Mankind for $25?  Not bad!  Citizens of Humanity for $17?  Can't beat that!  When you sell your clothes there, you end up getting more bang for your buck if you exchange it for store credit (versus for cash), but the only catch is, when you are trying to sell your clothes, don't you feel SLIGHTLY OFFENDED when they DON'T want your items?  I understand that usually it has to do with seasonality (e.g. they don't want me winter coats when it's June), but when they pass on things like blouses, shoes, or even Rye Bread's suits...we were both like o.O! "What do you mean you'll pass on this? Do you know how MUCH THIS COST ME?"  Rye Bread experienced that for the first time when he was trying to sell his designer suits & shoes - they were like, "hmm...we'll just take your shoes."  I saw the look on Rye's face when they DENIED the rest of his clothes (and even some of my shoes!).  Oh well, out of his one pair of shoes that they did want - I ended up exchanging it for this Tulle skirt that I wore on Easter.  And $4 cash, lol.
martin + osa blouse, tulle skirt, martin + osa belt, LAMB shoes, hermes bracelet
Also, as a birthday gift (half from Ryan, half for myself), I snagged these (among another) pair of LAMB heels.  So tall, but I LOVE THEM SO HARD.

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Apr 25, 2011

Back in Black (and White)

First, thank you guys for 1. your understanding 2. your support and 3. your patience.  It was really sweet receiving emails & comments of your thoughts while I was going through a rough patch.  I've gotten a few questions about Ezio, so to kind of sum it up - when we admitted him to the veterinary hospital, the doctor was very wary of his condition & outcome.  In her words she's very "guarded about his outlook."  This of course, tore us apart.  We left Ezio there under immediate, 24-hour care, and after 4 days, he wasn't improving & actually ended up getting worse - he was still having grand mal seizures, not eating, incoherent, etc.  So after long & heart-breaking talks, Rye Bread & I decided that Ez E wasn't living a full life & about a week & a half ago, we put him down. 

It's been a rough 10 days, the first few days were the worst.  SO MUCH CWYING.  It was heart-wrenching since he was such a small, lively & happy puppy but wasn't able to live the full life that we had planned for him.  As the days move on, we've been able to pick up the pieces, move forward & even one day thinking of adopting another puppy.  Rye Bread put it best when he explained that Ezio opened our hearts with so much love for a puppy, we just know we'd be good parents for another puppy one day.  ONE DAY.
So thank you all again for all of your support - you can imagine the last thing I wanted to do over the past few days was to take photos of myself; but alas, I'm much better now, and the FASHUNS MUST GO ON.

I wore this outfit for my good frand's son's 1st birthday; they had the best thing EVAR - a taco cart!   Have you seen those?  It's basically like having a taco truck...IN YOUR BACKYARD. I definitely know what I'm doing for any next event.
martin+osa top, cynthia steffe shorts, f21 belt, martin+osa wedges
with the birthday boy

Apr 13, 2011

A Quick Paws

First of all, a big thank you to EVERYONE for your thoughtful comments & well wishes for Ezio (Ez E if you're nasty). Unfortunately we had to admit him to the ER where he still is today but the prognosis doesn't look promising.  We're being "cautiously optimistic" (per the Vet) but we're preparing for the worst.

As you can imagine, it's been really difficult for Rye Bread & me, so I'll be taking the next few days off to
1. hopefully take Ez E back home & make him better or 2. be making a very difficult decision.

Here are some of my most favorite pictures of Ez E to cheer all of us up! This looks like a morbid memorial, but hopefully cute puppeh pix always makes people happeh!! 

Apr 11, 2011


Do you guys know whatever happened to MXC (which I thought stood for Maximum Extreme Challenge, but apparently stands for Most Extreme Elimination Challenge - who knew?!).  I was watching Wipe Out the other day & it made me miss the original - just not as good.

Anyway, I went to Ontario Mills Mall the other day & bought this great maxi dress from H&M. The store was so crowded I seriously just estimated if it would fit me & just bought it anyway (figured I could always return it if it didn't...of course it did & now I'm wearing it).  After taking these photos, I did not like how I looked with my hair like that PLUS the outfit...so much hippie.  So I let my hair down & just wore it in loose curls. LAZY.  I scored these Jessica Simpson heels from a Nordstrom Rack in Chicago for $32.Good find indeed.
h&m maxi dress & cardigan, f21 belt & scarf, jessica simpson heels
In sadder news - Mr. Ez E took a turn for the worse & isn't doing very well so we're off to a second opinion tomorrow to see if he was misdiagnosed or if the medications weren't simply working. :(  We're sads but hoping for the best.  Thanks to everyone for your warm wishes & thoughts - we'll keep you updated.

Apr 8, 2011

Cabana Chat

Sorry I've been MIA for the past 2 days, my 6month old pup, Ezio, accidentally fell in the pool & now he has an inner ear infection (vestibular syndrome) & Rye Bread & I been taking care of him relentlessly.  The good news is that he should be back to normal within a week or two!  Hoorah!  When I first got Ezio, I was like, "he's a cool dude" but wasn't really attached to him - cut to 4 months later & now I'm OBSESSED (as you can probably tell by always featuring him here, here, and here, here, here...the lists goes on but I worry I would look like a crazy woman).  But here he is at the vet, looking real sads:
And on the way back, feeling a little happier. He put up a good fight, but we got him the meds & shots he needed:
Those were taken with my Blackberry which is why they're so terrible-looking.  Anyway, it's weird how pets because part of the family so quickly.

As you guys may know, I went to the Texas Style Council Clothing Swap while I was in Austin at SXSW & I was able to snag a few key items.  While most of the stuff was already picked over, but I saw these pants & were like, "do you think I could pull these off?  MUST TRY."  So what do you think?  Of course my coworker asked if these pants changed colors with the season & my sistar asked if they were PJ's...but they're comfy man...and I'm being fashuns forwards.
banana republic jacket, love on a hanger tee, swapped pants, js dany platforms, lipstick: mac seriously rich

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Apr 5, 2011

Flower in Your Hair

Guess what guys?  It is totes my birthday today!  Hoorah!  You know those people who are like, "Yeah, whatevers, it's my birthday, no big whoop. It's no big deal, it's okay...just another day."?  That is NOT ME.  This entire weekend I was like, "It's my bday, it's my bday, it's my bday" (even though it wasn't yet)...Ordering at Starbucks?  "It's my birthday"  In our weekly work status meetings?  "It's my bday"  Celebrating my co-worker's birthday at his house "It's my bday."  The airport security guy checking my ID & boarding pass even wished me a happy birthday. It's my birthday ya'll!

2/3 of my outfit is from PMN, since I gotta support my FRANDS.  Except this skirt. So tight. Cannot breathe. Cannot eat.  Eating & breathing is overrated anyway.The basic rule of thumb when wearing skirts like this is to balance the materials - so since this skirt is a heavier material, I balanced it with a silk, flowy top.  Heels is a MUST with this skirt as it cuts me at a weird point in my legs (making me look shorter), so the heels help negate that. At least, I HOPE.
 pretty much new top & skirt, martin + osa wedges, daffodil flower
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