Feb 14, 2011

Valen-TIMES Day

This weekend I realized that my parents constantly say ValentiMes Day...and oddly enough I think some rappers do too. Probably the only commonality among my parents & rappers. Although one time I did make my mom sing Sisqo's THONG SONG. (Just as amazing as you think it would be).

I bought this chunky knit sweater from my favorite store, you know, PMN. I like it a lot, it's my 2nd time wearing it...the first time I spilled hot sauce on it when I was eating a burrito. Also, Ezio likes to steal my thunder by being in my pictures.
pmn knit sweater, american eagle shorts, f21 belt, guess sandals
Momma & Poppa Ivy (ha) were in town this weekend for a "wedding engagement party" (no kidding that's actually what it was called), so it was nice to spend quality time with them, eat good Vietnamese food...but seriously can we go back to the "wedding engagement party"? Apparently the bride & groom (to-be?) couldn't decide if it was an engagement party or a wedding reception; according to the bride, it was "more than an engagement party, less than a wedding." WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! The actual party (let's just call it that) was just as confusing, with the exchanging of rings, but no officiant, a multi-tiered cake, first dance, but no "Mr. & Mrs." SO CONFUSING. It was making my mom mad.
For Valetime's Day, my friends decided to surprise our boyfriends / husband to K1 Racing (same thing we did for Rye's 30th Birthday). Unfortunately, due to lack of babysitters, one of our friends couldn't make it to the go-kart racing. But both boyfriends were surprised & it was the perfect gift for such an awkward holiday...I mean, I don't want to blow my load on Valentine's Day when I still have birthdays & anniversaries...I ain't mades outta money! Also Rye Bread cleaned the backyard & moved a broken table that was blocking my brick wall...now I have my photoshoot backdrop back! (I counted that as my Valentine's Day gift).
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P.S. In case you're reading this Rye Bread: Thank you for the tulips...much better than roses.


  1. so.....they got married but not officially? or they got engaged, and there's gonna be another party later?!?!

    i love your valentimes day activity!!!

  2. Wow! I really like that blue sweater too! And those daisy dukes shorts are a thong song waiting to happen. "Thighs like what, what, what"

    Aww, too bad i couldn't make it to the [fill in the blank] party! PERSIAN AND VIETNAMESE FOOD!!!

  3. Aww you and your mom are so cute together! And I love how casually cute your outfit is up there.

  4. Awww ezio is getting so big!

    And you look great as always, steph. Happy valentimes day! :)

  5. love that sweater, you are so pretty!
    and that 'wedding party' sounds really confusing...but hey, any excuse to party right? :P

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