May 19, 2010

Loft Appeal

My friend who attends FIDM had a field trip assignment to go to a store in DTLA called Loft Appeal - I've never been & decided to tag along. The store was amazing, full of eclectic furnishings & furniture, even things from sets of movies & television shows. The prices ranged from surprisingly inexpensive to surprisingly stupid expensive.
The cool thing was that almost everything was for sale...except for one frame that I wanted that didn't have a price tag on, the dialogue went like this:

Steph: "This didn't have a price, I was wondering if you could tell me how much it was"
Sales Associate: "Sorry, if it doesn't have a price then I don't know how much it is."
Steph: "...Um. But isn't there a computer you could look into or even a booklet with your inventory?"
SA: "No, if it doesn't have a price, then I don't know what to charge you. You'll have to come back."
Steph: "But then it won't have a price on it when I return."

Needless to say I left empty-handed.

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May 17, 2010

It's a Good Thing

Staying in Chicago an extra night was not a problem, except:

1. I didn't bring any extra clothes to account for this extended stay, and
2. My good friend was set to give birth to her baby, and I specifically told the baby (in the womb) NOT to come earlier than when I was scheduled to be back in LA

The baby listened, I did not.

But in regards to #1, that did mean I was FORCED to buy clothes. FORCED I TELL YOU! These new boat shoes from UO are amazing, super comfortable and great for the summer...felt a little Martha Stewart-ish, if I may say so myself.
sheer button-down top & loafers from urban outfitters
And let's all welcome baby Luke Thomas James Engler. The newest edition to my dear friends.
Lydia holding her brother for the first time. I DIE.

May 12, 2010

Loosey Goosey

So when I said I should have checked the weather before traveling, I totally meant it. It's freezing! But it's so confused.

This shirt is great to wear when I feel fat. I would have rather worn it with jean shorts, but SOME may say that's not quite work attire. Psh. I do like how this shirt just screams "spring" though.

Sorry for the bad quality of photos, I forgot that I brought my flash & didn't use it. Sigh, ugly lighting = poor pictures.
anthropologie shirt, f21 jeans, f21 belt

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May 11, 2010


Perk of traveling so much? All those frequent flier miles are mine, mine, MINE! New York was good to me this time (read: I didn't get stranded), except for the fact that I almost threw up twice in the cab ride from JFK to the Bryant Park Hotel - that 45+ minute drive is killer. The cab driver asked if I was crying...true story.

In case you guys were planning to head to NY anytime soon, an AMAZING place to eat dinner is Blue Ribbon (which is open until 4am). It's basically where chefs go to eat, once their shift is you KNOW that it's good. Highly recommended!

A word of advice - if you're going to travel across the country (especially to places like NY or Chicago), make sure to check the weather. I, unfortunately, did not...and it was 50-something degrees. CHILLY.
the balcony outside my room
i could peer into people's offices, which meant they could peer into my room..and bathroom. creepy!
love the industrial look of the buildings around me
sun flares are my favorite
martin + osa top, f21 jeans, shiek shoes, f21 belt
Straight from NY, I made is pit-stop to Chicago, then head back home to LA shortly. I miss our sunny California's raining here.

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May 7, 2010

Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

ACK, I thought Mother's Day was NEXT weekend. Embarrassing. Unprepared. Worst daughter! So Happy Mother's Day to all the mama bears out there. Without you...well, none of us would exist.

I am truly fortunate that my mom is totally my role model [yes, cue eyeroll here]. But the funny thing is that I'm totally not ashamed to say that. She truly is compassionate, encouraging, driven & focused. As I've matured & grown-up, I realize that I am more & more like her everyday...and if I can be 1/2 the woman she is, I think I'll be okay. Also, I know where I get the "hamming-it-up-for-the-camera" gene from:

Happy Mother's Day MOM!

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May 5, 2010

Weekend at Work

Since it's typically really casual in our office & the weather was BEAUTIFUL in Chicago, I decided to go the opposite of business-formal with a loose-fitting tank, jeans & sandals. Not something I recommend at a law or accounting firm. But no one seemed to notice, I think the floral scarf distracted them, lol. This is definitely a weekend look, with a volumnized pony.

old navy white tank, f21 peach tank, f21 jeans, uo sandals, h&m scarf, f21 belt
floral barrette: h&m
And to get a sense of what it's like in the Denuo Chicago offices, here are some pictures I snapped:
binoculars to spy on unsuspecting people across the way
personalized wallpaper to make everyone's office feel like home
wtf, why does my SVP have a bagged pickle?! even more importantly, why does this look delicious?
magazines = must always be in the know
el tacador - one of our campaigns. eat tacos & play games.
the view from the window
must be nice to see this every morning!

Now that I've taken a few photos of the Chicago offices, I feel like I should do LA soon.

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May 3, 2010

Windy City

Remember when I said I go to Chicago often? It's true - I'm back there for 3 days this week & love it already. It's 75-degrees & the sun is if the city KNEW I would be here!
t-shirt from target, anthropology skirt, dollhouse flats, f21 belt
bangles: f21 and h&m, kenneth cole watch, rings: h&m and house of harlow