May 17, 2010

It's a Good Thing

Staying in Chicago an extra night was not a problem, except:

1. I didn't bring any extra clothes to account for this extended stay, and
2. My good friend was set to give birth to her baby, and I specifically told the baby (in the womb) NOT to come earlier than when I was scheduled to be back in LA

The baby listened, I did not.

But in regards to #1, that did mean I was FORCED to buy clothes. FORCED I TELL YOU! These new boat shoes from UO are amazing, super comfortable and great for the summer...felt a little Martha Stewart-ish, if I may say so myself.
sheer button-down top & loafers from urban outfitters
And let's all welcome baby Luke Thomas James Engler. The newest edition to my dear friends.
Lydia holding her brother for the first time. I DIE.


  1. so cute the baby!!!! the last picture is precious!

  2. Ooo i like your outfit! Gonna copy you! haha. Uh oh, I'm like that girl's problem in your formspring question.

    OMG, the last picture of Lydia and Luke is so cute, sandwiched between mommy and daddy.

  3. love the new shoes!

    that is a precious picture of the baby and sister

  4. AAAH shoes too cute.

    Congrats to your friend!! Baby Luke is adorable.

  5. how do you get your hair cut? it's soo cute :)

  6. your shoes are super cute!! i've been looking all over for some shoes to take on my upcoming trip and those would be perfect! thanks :)

  7. forced huh? haha. i wouldn't complain either ;)

    congrats to your friend. those photos of the baby are precious.


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