May 11, 2010


Perk of traveling so much? All those frequent flier miles are mine, mine, MINE! New York was good to me this time (read: I didn't get stranded), except for the fact that I almost threw up twice in the cab ride from JFK to the Bryant Park Hotel - that 45+ minute drive is killer. The cab driver asked if I was crying...true story.

In case you guys were planning to head to NY anytime soon, an AMAZING place to eat dinner is Blue Ribbon (which is open until 4am). It's basically where chefs go to eat, once their shift is you KNOW that it's good. Highly recommended!

A word of advice - if you're going to travel across the country (especially to places like NY or Chicago), make sure to check the weather. I, unfortunately, did not...and it was 50-something degrees. CHILLY.
the balcony outside my room
i could peer into people's offices, which meant they could peer into my room..and bathroom. creepy!
love the industrial look of the buildings around me
sun flares are my favorite
martin + osa top, f21 jeans, shiek shoes, f21 belt
Straight from NY, I made is pit-stop to Chicago, then head back home to LA shortly. I miss our sunny California's raining here.

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  1. Look at all those people staring at you from their windows!! jk...haha. MAN, that balcony is awwwwweessommee!

  2. my fiance is in NY right now and he said the same thing about the weather. if it was me, i might disregard weather on purpose in order to have an excuse to shop. oh the shame...

  3. my cousin just came back from new york. i dream of going there one day. but oh the flight. i hate long flights!

  4. cab drivers are crazy in NY.eeek. But I love that city, I really want to go again. Glad you had fun!

  5. I love how you look in these photos, so bright and girly!

  6. I hope you had a fun time in New York! Oh how I miss it! You look amazing!

  7. Amazing photographs! And you look gorgeous, especially in that last picture :]


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