May 19, 2010

Loft Appeal

My friend who attends FIDM had a field trip assignment to go to a store in DTLA called Loft Appeal - I've never been & decided to tag along. The store was amazing, full of eclectic furnishings & furniture, even things from sets of movies & television shows. The prices ranged from surprisingly inexpensive to surprisingly stupid expensive.
The cool thing was that almost everything was for sale...except for one frame that I wanted that didn't have a price tag on, the dialogue went like this:

Steph: "This didn't have a price, I was wondering if you could tell me how much it was"
Sales Associate: "Sorry, if it doesn't have a price then I don't know how much it is."
Steph: "...Um. But isn't there a computer you could look into or even a booklet with your inventory?"
SA: "No, if it doesn't have a price, then I don't know what to charge you. You'll have to come back."
Steph: "But then it won't have a price on it when I return."

Needless to say I left empty-handed.

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  1. hmmmmm.....very interesting.....hahahaha, you should make your own price tag!

  2. LOL at your convo with the sales person!

    I would've been like...

    O__o "Uh, really...? So, when are you going to put a price tag on this fram?" haha

  3. Haha you should've told her "well, no price must mean it's free, so I'll just go take it now k?" I bet she would have come up with a price real quick then!

  4. So I've actually been going to a number of furniture/home stores to decorate our place and was like 'ohh, this store looks great!' but then i read the end. Hmmm.. that's so odd and a lesson in NOT how you do customer service! :)

    xo, becs

  5. lol! What a rude sales associate! Even I would have the sense to ask for your contact info and call you when we price that item.

  6. if you went back later would she magically know how much to charge you? o_0

  7. What?! That is ridiculous! Looks like a lot of unique, neat pieces, though that sales associate sounded awful! xo, mel

  8. Oh wow, that sales associate is on a new level of lame ... at least she didn't do the, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it" which I loathe as well. That place looks neat though and I love the "&" pillow! Hope you've had a good week so far lady :)

  9. Hey Lovely!!! I'm alive!!! Hahaha dang... I've missed so much in the bloggie world... and I missed your beautiful face! Hope all is well! :) xoxo

  10. what a unique store! Too bad the associates suck lol... I really like all the light fixtures =)


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