Apr 4, 2013

It's My Party (And I'll Cry If I Want To)

Two weeks ago my sister, mom, and dad came into town as she moved back from Ohio to California! She'll be living in #therealoc so not too far away from me.

Well, little did I know that all along they were secretly planning a surprise birthday party for me (my big 3-0) and completely caught me off-guard! My birthday isn't til tomorrow so it was well ahead of anything that would raise my suspicions.

The rouse was to go to dinner with a small group of friends to welcome Christine into town. When I opened the door, I saw my parents, Ryan's parents, my closest friends from LA and OC, friends that drove in from Sonoma County and a friend that flew in from Chicago (what!)

It was an amazing feeling. Completely caught off-guard and just tears galore. Oh to be loved.

My sister made a huge photo collage in the shape of a 3-0 with pictures from everyone who came and (horrific) childhood photos. Everyone signed it and it is now hanging over my bed on the wall. I also got some amazing gifts from my parents, family, and friends. My mom bought me my wedding shoes, my friend Rhona gave me a monogrammed necklace, some friends gave me alcohol (THEY KNOW ME SO WELL), and my sister gave me a camera to mount onto Dallas' collar so I can see what she sees!
It was an amazing night, I was still reeling from it three days later. It only reminds us that we really do need to surround ourselves with people who matter the most. This is what life's about.