Mar 31, 2010

Sunday Morning

Sunday brunch (did someone say DIM SUM? perfect for hangovers) attire:
steph: express dress, f21 belt, gap sandals - i later changed to brown sandals
rye bread: club monaco polo, martin + osa shorts, tods loafers, mont blanc watch
We also drove down to the Irvine Spectrum (oh how I love my Orange County shopping centers) where I purchased this summer goody:
h&m hat, marc by marc jacobs aviators
What are your hangover cures?

Mar 30, 2010

If We Were a Band

Went to The Other Room in Venice on Saturday with the same friends from the previous night. Still high on my PMN yellow blouse, I decided to go Issa's route with denim shorts, but added a blazer.
pmn yellow blouse, martin + osa blazer, american eagle denim shorts, jcrew belt, gap sandals
Once at my friends', we held an impromptu photoshoot...which made me think "If we were a band, we'd totally have our album pictures set."
arthur, tim, rye bread, me
bishop, queen, rook, knight
if we were a band, this would be the album cover
We continued the photoshoot on the way to the bar. Literally, it took us 3x as long to get there because we were taking so many pictures on the walk.
Don't worry...we finally made it.
But I didn't make it for very long:
While this looks like I'm posing, I've actually stopped I don't hurl. Way to keep it classy Steph.

Mar 29, 2010

Brazilian & a Gimlet

Friday night Rye Bread & I met up with a couple of good friends for some good food & good drinks.
style xpress flannel shirt & skirt, f21 belt, jessica simpson ankle boots
I extended my bottom liner out for a different look that wasn't too extreme for just dinner & drinks. Made my eyes look BIG.
The Wood Spoon is a small Brazilian restaurant in DTLA known for their chicken pot pies (I know, right? I don't think of chicken pot pies when I think Brazilian food either.)
me, arthur, rye bread, and tim
After dinner, we walked about 1/2 mile to Seven Grand, a bar on 7th & Grand specializing in HUNDREDS of different whiskeys. Luckily, they also had a full bar as my drink of choice is a Goose gimlet.
Guess who was ready for bed & mid-yawn when this lovely picture was taken?


Mar 26, 2010

PMN: Yellow Blouse

Our friends over at phi-style and wewearthings have decided to sell some of their featured items on prettymuchnew...and srsly, how could one resist? Great prices & I already know everything looks good!

I immediately purchased this yellow blouse and couldn't wait to figure out how to wear it. Issa paired it with denim shorts, but since I probably couldn't go trotting into work like that, I opted for a high-waisted black skirt.
pmn blouse, express skirt, shoedazzle heels, olivers people glasses
And I totally bought this black silk tunic; so stay tuned for that...basically, I'm just re-blogging their pieces. Ha. Also, there are a lot of links in this post.

questions for me?

p.s. those are rye bread's glasses [shh]

Mar 25, 2010

Ruffles, Part Deux: Revenge of the Dogs

Moar ruffles because...I like them.
I got this shirt about 2-years ago, and I'm still figuring out how to wear it. Somehow it just doesn't look good in just jeans.
poetry top, martin + osa skirt
As you can see, taking pictures while the dogs are loose is nearly impossible! They are such camera hogs! And let's be real, there's only room for ONE camera hog in this houseshold.
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Mar 24, 2010

Visiting Venice

Sorry for all of the touristy posts, but I've been exploring different pockets of LA a lot more, and figured I'd share with you guys!

Venice is probably one of my favorite cities to hang out in. With small boutiques, the cool beach breeze and a laid-back feel, it's one of those places where you can literally slip on some flip-flops, grab a sweater (it CAN get cold at night), and just walk around for hours.

martin + osa blazer & blouse, jcrew skirt
i am laughing because it is clearly very foggy, yet i refuse to take off my shades. doucheette!

marc by marc jacobs aviators
And one for the road:

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Mar 23, 2010

We Run LA

Do radio stations outside of SoCal play "LA-themed" songs, like California Love, We Run LA and Going Back to Cali? Also, do cities all over the world get the remixed "I'm in [City] Trick"? Like, "I'm in Scranton Trick" or "I'm in Pawnee Trick"?

Last weekend, Rye Bread & I went to LA Live, since he's has never been...even though he was born & raised in LA. BLASPHAMY!
After getting a few drinks at the newly constructed J.W. Marriott, we walked around to explore.
F21 jacket & jeans, black flats from Marshalls, LAMB purse
Before we went to LA Live, we had dinner with Rye Bread's best friends & guess who taught Rye Bread's goddaughter how to pose [she just turned 2]:
Seriously if these don't either melt your heart or crack you up, your heart is almost as cold as mine.
Pretty sure she might have her own fashion blog soon.

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Mar 22, 2010

Rrrruffles Has Ridges

Ruffles are perfect for Spring (seriously is it Spring yet?) and I just had to jump on the bandwagon. This is a good "casual Friday" or weekend-out look. But...since I work in such a casual environment, this looks applies for me EVERYDAY!

Paired with espadrilles or even embellished sandals, this look is super simple & comfy.

martin + osa top, F21 belt, seven for all mankind jeans
In other news, congrats to Ryan's basketball team, 3rd Leg, who won Sportsfest, a basketball tournament held at my old Alma Mater, Cal Poly Pomona. These guys have been playing together for the past 10+ years, so it's nice to see that these old dogs still got it.
I am such a team mom.

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