Mar 8, 2010

Happiest Place on Earth

Though I grew up with Disneyland in my backyard, there's nothing like going back there to see how it's evolved & bring up fond memories. I was lucky enough to go for one of my good friend's birthday (and her daughter's).

steph: h&m jacket, uo scarf, seven for all mankind jeans, nike free sneakers, harajuku lovers backpack
rye: james perse jacket, true religion jeans, weezer tee, nike air max sneakers
shoulda bought this - i knew it was a good look
My favorite Disneyland memory is of my best friends & me having annual passes back in 8th grade & having our parents drop us off for just a few hours almost every weekend. We'd literally go for just a few rides, then head back home.

Have you ever been to Disneyland?
What is your favorite memory?


  1. how fun! i've been disneyland but was too little remember it! need to go back as an adult!

  2. great pictures! i think one of my most prominent memories of disneyland is when we were riding in a tram, my friends fiance grabs my drink and takes a few big gulps out of the straw and announces to the people sitting across from us that, "it's okay, we share cold sores."

    just for the record, he was kidding around.

  3. i love disneyland! i think almost all my friends who grew up in socal hate it or are sick of it, though :(

    i think the most fun i had @ disneyland was prob when i went with the marching band (NERD). we just had to march a short parade route and got the rest of the day to run around the park. good times.

  4. I was just there last weekend! It was my first time again after 18 years! This time, I went for my little 3 yr old cousin though so for me it was more magical seeing her be amazed by everything! :) I <3 DISNEY!

  5. i loooove disneyland/world. we just went to disneyworld in november. i love it.

    i love the cream cheese stuffed pretzles...and philharmagic...and pirates of the carribbean of course! ;p

  6. awwww i lovee disneyland!!! i try to go once a year. if it was closer, i would go more! it's seriously my happy place.

  7. That's pretty nice to just be dropped off, ride a few things, and know you'll be able to go back next weekend! ^__^

    I love all the pictures~ They look like such professional pictures hun! :D

  8. i really think you should look into the dreadlock look. that + bangs = unbeatable combination.

    i went to Disneyland when I was 7 and got Cinderella to sign my tshirt. then my mom washed my tshirt and it was LOST FOREVER. =(((

  9. would it be a bad idea to go to disneyland during the thanksgiving holiday? is it usually rainy during that time?

    trying to plan a family trip. i like to plan way, waaay ahead of time. yes,im weird.. thankyou. lol

  10. Anon-nah-nah: There shouldn't be any rain during Thanksgiving weekend - usually rains early spring (e.g. WHEN I WENT) but rarely in November. I'd layer & check the weather just to be sure; but you should be okay. :)


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