Mar 10, 2010

African Manhunt

I felt like a glamorous (in my own mind) safari adventurer in my khaki skirt & red scarf. Ahoy over 'dere me matey!

Dammit, that's not right.

f21 shirt, scarf, belt, bracelet / martin + osa skirt / joey o heels
When I typed out each piece, I realized this outfit was really cheap. (insert: like me)

Oh I know you missed it...didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?

gettin' jiggy wid it: na na na na naa na
seductive or facial spasm? testing out the lighting.

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The real question is when I googled African Manhunt, why did I get this?


  1. cute outfit :)

    i love the outtakes, super cute and fun!

  2. your shoes are adorable! my favorite so far!!!

  3. I love the outfit!! ;D

    & You look so beautiful in them, definitely a glamorous safari adventurer ~!

  4. hahah you are such a riot. Cute, simple outfit! I think if you can look that good for an even better price then it's something to take pride in!

  5. wow u have a great face, so nice and pretty.
    love the shoes. love everything. love how u combined the colors except i would rather see shorts than skirt.

  6. You are as chic as that African manhunt google image. haha.

    jk! you have better hair ;)


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