Mar 30, 2010

If We Were a Band

Went to The Other Room in Venice on Saturday with the same friends from the previous night. Still high on my PMN yellow blouse, I decided to go Issa's route with denim shorts, but added a blazer.
pmn yellow blouse, martin + osa blazer, american eagle denim shorts, jcrew belt, gap sandals
Once at my friends', we held an impromptu photoshoot...which made me think "If we were a band, we'd totally have our album pictures set."
arthur, tim, rye bread, me
bishop, queen, rook, knight
if we were a band, this would be the album cover
We continued the photoshoot on the way to the bar. Literally, it took us 3x as long to get there because we were taking so many pictures on the walk.
Don't worry...we finally made it.
But I didn't make it for very long:
While this looks like I'm posing, I've actually stopped I don't hurl. Way to keep it classy Steph.


  1. Haha... looks like you had a fun night. The street pics are great. You look so cute!

    xo, becs

  2. what fun!!! i love the shorts combo :)
    my favorite picture is the one w/the chess board!!

  3. mm i like those little hanging lights.

  4. What a fun night. I love all of your pics! The pic of you on the couch reminds me of debbie harry (i hope that's not blasphemy, haha)

  5. LOL. love these photos.. and way to rock that blouse :)

  6. Adore these photos! I'm doing a multimedia thesis project involving chess, so I love those pieces! And I would definitely buy an album with that as the cover ;)

  7. You all look amazing. LOVE that last shot!

  8. Omg so it was YOU who stole that blouse from being mine?!? Damn you!! hahaha Looking pretty hot in it! You guys are like the Asian No Doubt with all these pictures!


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