Mar 25, 2010

Ruffles, Part Deux: Revenge of the Dogs

Moar ruffles because...I like them.
I got this shirt about 2-years ago, and I'm still figuring out how to wear it. Somehow it just doesn't look good in just jeans.
poetry top, martin + osa skirt
As you can see, taking pictures while the dogs are loose is nearly impossible! They are such camera hogs! And let's be real, there's only room for ONE camera hog in this houseshold.
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  1. so fancy!
    haha, that last pic is CLASSIC

  2. your dogs are so cute.

    I have a REALLY hard time wearing ruffled shirts. It doesn't feel right on me. But you look very cute =)

  3. i love ruffles. if it's got a ruffle, i'm trying it on. haha. your dogs are so cute!

  4. ahhh i love the dogs in the picture. makes for more candid shots. too cute!

  5. awww, i love your doggies, so cute!

    I totally have tops like that, that just don't go well with jeans. it looks great with that skirt!

  6. You look uber cute!! And your dogs are adorable! Your black dog in the last photo reminds me of the wolf in The Neverending Story (only because of his fierce eyes in that photo)! Hope you can make it to my slumber party- details are on my blog! And you work at an ad agency!- So do I!! xo, mel

  7. i am all over ruffles right now!

    i'm hosting a ruffle inspired giveaway, I hope you join in!


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