Mar 12, 2010

DTLA Art Walk

The second Thursday of every month, art galleries open for an Art Walk in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). Most galleries open until 10pm then everyone heads to local bars; it's a great way to get people to be UNafraid of the former very scary DTLA. It was my first time going, and it was definitely a new experience: lots of people appreciating art in old-rundown buildings that have been renovated to hold artwork of up & coming artists.

But the one thing that I wasn't a fan of was the masses of HIPSTERS that were ERRwhere. Oh how cool they think they are. Brush your hair! Take a bath! Stop being different - you all look the same! No offense to hipsters.
rye: adidas jacket, scarf from my sister

Simplicity was my goal & I decided to go with just jeans & one of my two favorite trench coats.
citizen jeans, jessica simpson booties, h&m trench coat
The lighting makes the jacket look orange - but trust, it's a nice coral color.

OH and we found the bench from 500 Days of Summer, but it was closed, so hopefully we'll be able to take photos there one day. Hipsters.

Questions / Concerns / Free Money?


  1. Yay, my scarf! Arf arf! lol wth

    Cool jacket! It looks cool with the orange tint too.

  2. love all the photos!
    super cute pics...i especially love the last one.

  3. I know, I'm so over that whole hipster thing. hahaha

  4. im in love with this post - the artwork, the orange trench .. amazing !

    xx lue

  5. Aw, I was downtown too that night for a LAFW 2.0 and we were going to stop by Art Walk afterward but we were too tired! I've never been but I want to go check it out in the future! You look fabulous in your trench- that color is great on you! Hipsters- I played in the W. Hollywood Dodgeball League and it was alllll hipsters! :) Hope you can still make it to my slumber party- send me your photo! xo, mel

  6. funny you mentioned the 500 days of summer bench coz i'm watching it tonight!

    love the street arts, its almost inspiring, a lot of famous contemporary artist actually started off or ARE KNOWN for their street political art.


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