Mar 3, 2010

Clean House

I love seeing how you all store & organize your things, because everyone has a unique perspective. Here's a glimpse into my make-up cases, starting off with my "everyday make-up":
Stackable tupperware isn't sexy, but is compact & easy to access. As you can see, I mix in all types of make-up: from MAC to Cover Girl to Kat von D.
Make-up brushes pile up on one another;
eyeshadows are separated from foundation / blushes, brushes, and lipgloss

But I am a product whore & I love new things...I just can't help here. Here's a peek into two of my metal make-up cases, divided by lip gloss & lipstick and eyeshadows.

I have met my match with someone who's just as anal (who is, not perv!) Rye Bread is notoriously organized. Here's a look into his closet:

His drawer, dedicated to ties.

categorized by shirt type and pant type, his closet stays immaculate.

What are your best strategies to keeping a clean space?


  1. i try to do some sort of "clean out" once a month or every other month where i throw away old stuff or give it away. less stuff, more space, right??

    p.s. that's a SH+TLOAD of makeup, girl! i'm impressed!

  2. I like to see how others organize. I'm pretty much in the obsessively organized category, scary. hahahaha Currently redo-ing the closet still.

  3. whoa lady! you have a TON of makeup! i just got really excited. love all the colors and brands and BOI-ING concealer! i use the same stuff!!!

    but i have to say your rye bread impressed me. i've never met anyone to organized and this coming from a pretty organized person.

  4. my stuff is SO not organized, and sitting in lots of travel bags, waiting for them to find a new have A LOT of makeup! how do you choose what you want to use?!?! haha. i don't do well w/lots of options. haahaha. your bf's closet is so organized, i'd like to hire him to organize my stuff ;p

  5. I love seeing how others organize. Also? I'm lusting over your makeup stockpile- awesome! :)

  6. hahaah i'd show you except i have no sense of organization :P i'd show you vv's except my mess has invaded his neatness haha. i'm terrible like that :P

  7. Wow! you have an impressive m/up collection. i tend to organise my clothes by colour, so it looks like there's a rainbow in my wardrobe.

  8. how neat...! Look like your make up stuffs can last you a life time!

  9. wow you have loads of make up!
    I think you should take out all old stuff when you buy new stuff, so you room still clean, but it's very hard


  10. omg wow your amount of makeup is crazy!! haha.. so jealous.. i wouldn't know how to use most of it though.. i actually just organized my bathroom counterspace/makeup/etc stuffs.. a week ago.. and got some plastic drawers to hold my minimal amount of makeup.. plus used some old candle jars to hold brushes and pencils/mascaras. :)

  11. you are a girl after my own heart!!!! i have sooooo much makeup, it isn't even funny and i can't stop!!!! i would say yours is pretty darn organized. i try to keep mine in the right cases, but it ends up just being tossed about.
    be a follower, not a hater

  12. Wow, that tie drawer is outta this world. I am in the middle of an organizational revamp. I think I'm gonna hit up Ikea for some accessories!

  13. OMG, you have an envious amount of makeup! I'd probably spend more money on makeup if I had the funds. And your guy is so organized.. that's amazing and rare! Good for him. Tell him he has a great tie collection!

    xo, becs

    p.s. I dropped 'wordpress' from my URL. When you get a chance, can you update your links? Thanks so much! :)

  14. Wow you have so much makeup!!! I love how you're a Nars whore :) Have you heard about the new Orgasm illuminator? Looks amazing!!


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