Mar 29, 2010

Brazilian & a Gimlet

Friday night Rye Bread & I met up with a couple of good friends for some good food & good drinks.
style xpress flannel shirt & skirt, f21 belt, jessica simpson ankle boots
I extended my bottom liner out for a different look that wasn't too extreme for just dinner & drinks. Made my eyes look BIG.
The Wood Spoon is a small Brazilian restaurant in DTLA known for their chicken pot pies (I know, right? I don't think of chicken pot pies when I think Brazilian food either.)
me, arthur, rye bread, and tim
After dinner, we walked about 1/2 mile to Seven Grand, a bar on 7th & Grand specializing in HUNDREDS of different whiskeys. Luckily, they also had a full bar as my drink of choice is a Goose gimlet.
Guess who was ready for bed & mid-yawn when this lovely picture was taken?



  1. i love that idea, extending the bottom liner out! it's very cute. i'm craving a chicken pot pie....

  2. my friend and i have a list of downtown la restaurants we want to try on sundays and wood spoon is totally on it! was it good?

  3. chicken pot pies? brazilian restaurants? never would've thought! haha!

  4. the food looks amazing!

    as do the wine glasses filled with red wine. you're my kind of people ;)

  5. yum, chicken pot pie and coconut juice.

    love the liner, and cute pics.

  6. This post is deceiving. I thought you were gonna write about a Brazilian WAX. sickkk...

  7. Mmmm chicken pot pie... cute FOTD! I'll have to try that out although I don't know if it's possible for my eyes to look bigger than they are!


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