Mar 26, 2010

PMN: Yellow Blouse

Our friends over at phi-style and wewearthings have decided to sell some of their featured items on prettymuchnew...and srsly, how could one resist? Great prices & I already know everything looks good!

I immediately purchased this yellow blouse and couldn't wait to figure out how to wear it. Issa paired it with denim shorts, but since I probably couldn't go trotting into work like that, I opted for a high-waisted black skirt.
pmn blouse, express skirt, shoedazzle heels, olivers people glasses
And I totally bought this black silk tunic; so stay tuned for that...basically, I'm just re-blogging their pieces. Ha. Also, there are a lot of links in this post.

questions for me?

p.s. those are rye bread's glasses [shh]


  1. i love rye bread's glasses! where did he get those??? i NEED to know!!!

    you red heels are RED HOT! i haven't had any luck with shoedazzle lately. i've hated everything they've sent me this year. ughh so annoying. but yours are cute! why didn't they send me those? jerks.

  2. this is a very new look for you! well, one that i've never seen anyways. i like it!


  3. the blouse looks FANTASTIC on you!! love the color combination in the outfit too! :)

  4. i loved that yellow blouse when i saw it on issa, and i thought to myself that i should buy it but i never got around to it! you're definitely rockin' it! such a lovely outfit!

  5. awesome! i really liked this blouse too. =)

  6. what a hot (yet appropriate) work outfit! i love your messy up do.

    i second the loving the glasses and must know where it's from!

  7. That yellow is a fantastic shade! And the glasses are hot!! Great post girl.

  8. um hello hottie!

  9. love it!! that color looks great on you. or am i just racist...



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