Mar 9, 2010

So Romantic

Like me, this look is fast & easy.

Glossy lids & matte lips oozes romanticism; pair it with loose curls & side-swept bangs and you're ready for some chocolate-covered strawberries on the beach. (I unfortunately did not get around to doing my hair..nor did I ever get chocolate-covered anything.)

eyes: clear lipgloss + aquaphor / lips: nars lipstick in first bite / cheeks: MAC cream blush in Lilicent
Steps are easy as:
+ Curl eyelashes & apply mascara - allow to dry & set
+ Apply Vaseline (I used Aquaphor) & clear lipgloss on upper lids (up to your crease) - any further & you risk looking like your eyeballs are sweaty
+ Matte lips is the key here - I chose a darker wine, but a matte pink would work as well
+ Apply cream blush to the apples of your cheeks.

End Result:
Voila! Now...who wants to sweep me off my feet? No one? You? No? How about you? Pass?

Le Sigh.

P.S Just joined - and I'm desperate for questions! DESPERATE. ASK ME STUFF okay you guys? It's so I feel important:


  1. i likey. i'm gonna try that aquaphor trick. i always wondered about glossy lids. :)

  2. I've never tried glossy lids, but I like the way it looks!

  3. I like when you do different looks, that I wouldn't even think of doing.

    Will the glossy lids complement my greasy face? haha.

  4. loveee the lippy ! i dont think i could pull off the glossy lids, but it looks so fresh on you

    xx lue

  5. I just caught up on the last three weeks. Love your bangs, love the pix, love your style! Missed seeing you here. Good to see you haven't missed a beat.

  6. Ahhh I totally used to do this all the time when I was a teen! I have a question though - how do you get glossy lids when trying to also mix in shadows or liner? Is that even possible?

  7. you always know all the cool makeup tricks! i'm afraid i would look freakish...or greasy. lol.

    you look gorgeous! i love your skin and freckles.

  8. "Like me, this look is fast & easy."

    I lol'd.

  9. is the lip gloss sticky on your eyelids?


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