Mar 23, 2010

We Run LA

Do radio stations outside of SoCal play "LA-themed" songs, like California Love, We Run LA and Going Back to Cali? Also, do cities all over the world get the remixed "I'm in [City] Trick"? Like, "I'm in Scranton Trick" or "I'm in Pawnee Trick"?

Last weekend, Rye Bread & I went to LA Live, since he's has never been...even though he was born & raised in LA. BLASPHAMY!
After getting a few drinks at the newly constructed J.W. Marriott, we walked around to explore.
F21 jacket & jeans, black flats from Marshalls, LAMB purse
Before we went to LA Live, we had dinner with Rye Bread's best friends & guess who taught Rye Bread's goddaughter how to pose [she just turned 2]:
Seriously if these don't either melt your heart or crack you up, your heart is almost as cold as mine.
Pretty sure she might have her own fashion blog soon.

questions about this post or any others?


  1. haha, her pose is more dramatic...i think that you should give it a try!

    wow, you really DO pick clothes from f21 that do NOT look f21-ish.

  2. that is sooo adorable! i bet her parents are thinking, "uh,'s starting!" ahahaha.

  3. awwww she is too cute!! :)

    and yes, places other than LA play the "LA-themed" songs :) probably not as often though!

  4. i've never been to LA Live!

    i'm pretty sure other places play Cali songs. when i went to a club in Maui a couple years ago they started busted out the Tupac (California Love) and the Brazilian boys that my friend was talking to went nuts!

    that LMFAO song really threw me though. i didn't even notice that there were two versions of the song (LA/Miami) until the boyfriend pointed it out.

  5. Yes!! They always play those songs up here in Vancouver and people always go nuts! A dope song is dope everywhere haha.

    Btw I'm hosting a giveaway! Tell me your holy grail beauty must-haves, and you could win!

  6. They always play "California Love" on my radio station, I have no clue why haha. And I've heard a "I'm in Toronto, trick!" version, so yup!

    And you look so comfy! Loving the stylish flannel jacket and the shirt :) And that girl is adorable!


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