Name? Steph

Where were you born? Fullerton, CA

Where do you live?  Los Angeles, CA (specifically, in west LA)

What do you do?  I work in a boutique digital advertising agency.

How old are you?  28

What does "That Girl is Hoisin" mean?  Originally starting as a joke between friends when Bell Biv DeVoe's "Poison" would come on, my friends would replace "poison" with "hoisin," because I'm Vietnamese.  And they're racist.
Where did "Hoisin Ivy" come from?  Just a play on words. 

Why is your blog called That Girl is Hoisin but your URL is hoisinivy?  Because typing thatgirlishoisin is hard for me.

Where did you meet Rye Bread?  Through mutual friends - his cousin was dating my best friend.

Why do you call him Rye Bread?  I have no idea, but his username for everything is The Real Rye, similar to how mine is HoisinIvy for everything.  I don't even like rye bread.

How long have you and Ryan been dating?  For over 4 years.

Do you have another site?  Yes, Ask Phivy is a blog where Tramanh (aka: Phi Style) and I answer honestly and openly about ANYTHING you ask.

What lipstick do you wear?  On nights out, I wear MAC's Russian Red and Sephora's matte lipgloss in red, though lately in the day I've been wearing NARS Funny Face.

What foundation/concealer do you use?  I use Kat Von D's tattoo concealer, Amazing Concealer, and Physician Formula's loose mineral powder.

What is your work-out routine?  I typically run 3-4x a week with light weights or resistance training.  I still can't do a push-up though.

What is your diet like?  Terrible.  Which is why I do so much cardio.

What is your favorite food?  Fast food.  Like, McDonalds, Del Taco, and Carl's Jr.

Where do you buy most of your clothes?  Discount stores like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. F21, H&M, but rarely online.

Do you sell your old clothes?  No, I typically donate or give them away, but if you're interested in purchasing something, feel free to let me know!

Do you meet up with readers?  I sure do!  Email or comment and we can schedule a hang-out...which usually incorporates some sort of alcohol.

Do you take your own pictures?  I sure do, I don't have the patience to have someone take my photos.

What camera do you use?  A Canon G11

Why do you go away?  Sometimes life gets in the way and Ask Phivy takes a lot of time.  Bug me and I'll get back on it.

Do you have any pets?  Ryan owns 2 dogs named Sydney & Poncho and I just adopted a puppy named Dallas.

How can we contact you?  Email me!  I always email back.

Why don't you comment back on your posts?  Because I don't know how to without making it a new comment...I need to figure that out.

Copyright stuff:  My pictures are my property, so if you use them, a link back is kindly appreciated.