May 11, 2015

Greetings from Houston

As you may know, my parents moved to Houston about a year ago. It was a pretty big change as they knew very little people, but they are adjusting well and are loving it. It's great for me, since I have a small group of friends (see: DRU, Issa, Fifi) that I get to visit a few times a year.

This April brought me back to Houston thanks to an Austin-based work trip that I piggybacked off of. We visited a couple of murals, and I definitely couldn't leave without some crawfish! (My first time so I had to learn how to eat them)

I forgot to bring my camera (worst blogger ever), so here's some snaps I took with my phone. What DRU and I forgot to do were video AskPhivy questions...and technically, blog posts. LOL. Ah, one day we will remember that we actually are bloggers and he's a photographer, so I should use that to my advantage.

Kimono: Tilly's, American Apparel tank, Old Navy jeans, F21 mules
Billabong hoodie
For more selfies (if you can believe it) and real-time updates, follow me on snapchat: hoisinivy.

I'm reinspired to start taking more photos, so hopefully I'll be posting more and more of them. But not any less selfies. Never less selfies.

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