May 17, 2015

Honeymoon: The Perfect Pineapple Sweater

In addition to working, blogging, and being a dog-mom, I've been collaborating with Ryan and my sister Christine on some cool concepts for screen-printed clothing.

Here's a crazy thing - like my Avengers tank, somehow I came up with an idea of putting a pineapple on a shirt...and before I knew it, between Christine's graphic design powers and Ryan's screen-printing we are, a brand new, perfect-for-the-summer-and-all-vacays off-the-shoulder sweaters: Honeymoon: the perfect pineapple sweater

Dizon Collection: Honeymoon sweater, Roxy bikini bottoms
We opened our Etsy shop: Dizon Collection and are so excited!!!

This Honeymoon pineapple sweater comes in 6 colors, is slightly off-the-shoulder and I've been wearing mine EVERYWHERE from the beach, to Costco, to work on a casual Friday!

Check out our shop - we're adding more and more every week: 

Questions? AskPhivy / IG / Snapchat: hoisinivy

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