Mar 11, 2010

Not Speaker Appropriate

One time I wore this outfit & I was going to speak at a gaming conference. When I told my boss I was going to wear this, he looked at me like, "Oh child" and I had to go home & change. FINE. This is what I wear on a random Thursday then.

Does it look like I'm taking a dump? Seriously?
martin + osa top, express bermuda shorts & tights, steve madden heels, headband from target
Guess who decided to make a cameo:
Poncho in front & Sydney in tow
Poncheezy is more photogenic than I am. Sigh.
Also, do I have CT?


  1. HAHA! what’s wrong with the outfit? I think its gamer conference speaking appropriate! But then again, I’ve never been to a gaming conference! ;P

    P.S – oh how I wish I could just eat anything I want and not exercise! Darn this aging body. Hahaha! ;P

  2. i think it's cute! what did you end up wearing to the conference?

    i love the headband.
    love the dogs. they should make more cameos!

  3. I love the hair & that cute hair band. And no, it doesn't look like you're taking a dump. LOL

    && RYC
    I'm the exact same way. Still a kid at heart! I'm wishing on everything too. XD I'm always wishing on 11:11 ;)

  4. what's wrong with your outfit?!

    i had a boss who hated when i wore a fashion ski vest to work. she said it looked too much like a regular ski vest and hated it.

  5. doggies. cutes. i miss panchito y sydney bristow.


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