Mar 31, 2010

Sunday Morning

Sunday brunch (did someone say DIM SUM? perfect for hangovers) attire:
steph: express dress, f21 belt, gap sandals - i later changed to brown sandals
rye bread: club monaco polo, martin + osa shorts, tods loafers, mont blanc watch
We also drove down to the Irvine Spectrum (oh how I love my Orange County shopping centers) where I purchased this summer goody:
h&m hat, marc by marc jacobs aviators
What are your hangover cures?


  1. My hangover cure is loads of water/orange juice and strangely, tuna sandwiches x)Nice dress by the way!

  2. Water + nap. I always feel so much better after a second round of sleeping.

    And I ALWAYS crave dim sum on Sundays! Unfortunately Fiance always craves pho, which I never crave...

  3. i have found that A LOT of plain white rice is my hangover cure. it makes me feel so much better!

  4. dim sum is def a day-after must have. that and coffee. love your dress! you guys look so cute together.

  5. lol, i always throw up ERRTHANG the night before, so i don't think i've ever gotten a hangover! Lots of water and a nap sound like a good cure, though.

  6. mayra's hangover cure = bottle of water + bottle of pills + lots of sleep.

    looking good girl!

  7. hahahaah as soon as i saw the picture i was like "IRVINE SPECTRUM" even before i read any of the post. it's those fabring hangy thingies. triggers alarms in my head.

  8. oh yeah, and hangover food = PHO for me. always.


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