Mar 16, 2010

The Oscars: Nicole Richie

One of my fashion inspirations, Nicole Richie, attended the 2010 Oscars. Inspired by her look, here is a quick tutorial. Granted, her eyes are a lot larger than mine so her make-up is more pronounced, but you guys get the jist. Also I didn't want to look scary.

To make things easier, I am using the 88-color palette for all shadows - I'll try my best to give the coordinates.
cracked mirror = bad luck, i know
+ Use a pencil liner to darken eyebrows & use a cream base over eyelids. Apply the whitest shadow all over eyelid, concentrating below the crease & right below the brow
eyebrow pencil: MAC in taupe / white shadow: top left shadow
+ Using a dark silver / gray, apply on the crease of the eye, extending past the inner corners. Also extend on outer corners, making sure to curve up. Lightly emphasize with black shadow.
silver: far right, 3rd from the top / black: bottom right-hand corner
Step 4: Line eyes with liquid liner, extending on the outer corners, curving up below the shadow. Line lower waterline with black pencil liner.
maybelline stiletto in blackest black / nyc liquid liner in jet black / sephora pencil liner in deep black
+ Curl eyelashes & apply mascara.
revlon double twist in black
+ Light blush on the hallows of your cheeks. And apply light pink / nude lipstick.

questions? concerns? free money?


  1. very nice! i love the winged liner.

  2. this looks real good - a nice everyday version of nicole's. you make it seem so easy....

    you should do a scary version! i'd like to see what you look like with dramatic makeup!

  3. oooh winged eyeliner! i will definitely try this!

    want a free bamboo satchel? enter my giveaway! :D

  4. Cute FOTD! I like grey shadows but sometimes find them tricky to wear on my skin tone - any tips on good grey shades to try?


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