Mar 19, 2010

Technical Difficulties

pardon the mess.
if you come to the site & can't see any of the pictures it is because i have done some back-end organizing...which made ALL OF MY PICTURES UNAVAILABLE.

i am working on it and hopefully within the next few hours should be back up & running.

thanks for your patience!
UPDATE: okay i figured it out before throwing laptop out the window. a win-win for all. IF for whatever reason, you cannot see any of the pictures, please formspring or comment.

this was literally my face when i realized my pics weren't showing up:
back to our regularly scheduled program! click here for today's post...or just look down.



  1. OMG you face!!! seriously how do you do it? you still look beautiful even in a state of shock.

    hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend!


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