Apr 1, 2010

Hard Days Night

After working all day & having a vendor dinner, the last thing I wanted to do is take pictures. But Rye Bread offered to take them for me and that meant no setting up the tripod or self-timer! So forgive me if I look exhausted, I was.
jcrew navy pin-striped blazer, uo tank, style xpress skirt, f21 belt, jessica simpson open-toed heels
For those who requested more work-appropriate outfits (which I thought I've been doing, lol), here's what I wore to both the vendor meeting & dinner. I liked the non-matchy matchy skirt & blazer, and the delicate tank (that wasn't a camisole). Also, it was easy to take off the blazer for a "sexier" look while waiting at the bar for dinner. But not too sexy, because hello, this is for work.
We went to Katsuya in Hollywood for dinner, with paparazzi & star-sighting include Aubrey O'Day, formally of Danity Kane...before PDiddy kicked her out...because she was too slutty. She totally hammed it up for the paparazzi...probably because she's the one who tipped them off.

It's April Fool's Day...any good pranks?
My favorite prank we did was when we took a screenshot of our admin's desktop & made it his background & hid all of his desktop icons; that way, whenever he tried to click on any of his icons (programs, docs, etc.) NONE of them worked. He restarted his computer five times before we couldn't take it anymore & bubbled over with laughter.

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  1. not gonna lie. i liked aubrey. she was so cray cray. "PRETTY PRETTY AUBREY!"

  2. buahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
    i LOVE that prank! hilarious!!

  3. Love your outfit,tres chic:)Have a fab day!


  4. hahahaah nice joke for april fool! love that skirt ure wearing!!!! very chic and love how u mismatch the skirt and blazer!!

    xoxo jenna

  5. That skirt is so cool! Nice outfit!

  6. love how the belt perfectly matches the skirt! :) a semi-nasty prank i got from a friend today was telling us that they are pregnant >.< a lot of people were sincerely happy for them but oh well ;p

  7. awwww how sweet of ryerye to take pics of you! i thought he was doing it all along! haha! lookin good as usual! :) and thats a great prank... all i did today was change my status update to" Guess what?!?! i'm engaged, pregnant, single with 8 kids today and my name is really Jim" hahaha! just to poke fun at every other person on my friends list who changed their status update to "engaged" or from "engaged" to "single" ...

  8. Love the jacket! you look so chic!

  9. i like the straps on your tank!


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