Apr 21, 2010

Island in the Shade

Photos taken on literally a road island in front of LAX. Stop judging me passing cars! This is for my blog! Btw, I'm off to C-bus Ohio for the next few days to visit my family, stay tuned!
banana republic denim jacket, martin + osa top, bp leggings, jessica simpson boots
LAX behind me
I'll miss this view while I'm in Ohio
view from a nearby neighborhood (p.s. i take this road everyday to go to work)

something in my eye! it was super windy!
my best impression of a "karaoke model" can't you just hear "i can't liiiive...if living is without youuuu" in the background?


  1. hahahaha you're adorable :D gotta love the "karaoke model" pose! <3 Have fun in OH!


  2. you are so pretty :-)! love the make up!

  3. i love the outtakes. hahaha karaoke model! ahahaha. hilarious.

  4. pretty!

    haha so brave of you to post the outtakes. they're awesome. haha

  5. Nice fotd, love your fiery lipstick!

  6. Lol, you're so cute! I love the picture of you running. I hope you have a great time with your family, hopefully they won't drive you to your wits' end by the end of the trip. That's the thing about family, they can drive you crazy like no other but at the end of the day...they're your family :)

  7. Love the red pout lady. You look gorgeous!

  8. i love your lip color! and your outtakes are hilarious!

  9. even in the outtakes you looks perdy!

    you need to wear red lips more often. it looks gorg on you.

    have a fabulous weekend hun!

  10. dude i totally had a dream that i met you the other night and omg it was horrible because i was just as reclusive and shy and awkward as i usually am and anyway i HATE it when i dream about bloggers (YES it's happened before) because it makes me feel like a total creepstarfreakshow and feel free to block my IP because yeah i'd be totally weirded out too...!

  11. :) thank you for your "sisterly" comment, made me feel a bit better <3

    && omg, I could've sworn that I was following your blog, idk what happendd O_o

  12. hahaha i love that last picture! too cute girl. and that view from the nearby neighborhood is amazing! id love to see that everyday.

    have a great weekend miss! :)

  13. The name of your blog is genius! I saw it just once somewhere--maybe on Dana's blog--and now whenever I see hoisin sauce (in person, on TV, doesn't matter), your blog title runs through my head to the tune of the song.

    So I had to stop by to say hello. Hope you're having a good time in Ohio. =)


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