Apr 12, 2010

How To: Errday Make-up

I recently received a request for a tutorial on good everyday work make-up; this is how you'll probably catch me at any given day in the office. Breaking this down makes it seem a bit longer than it actually takes. On average, it's about 15 minutes from start to finish.
what you'll need:
+ face: concealer, pressed powder, bronzer, blush
+ eyes: dark brown shadow, cream base shadow, taupe shadow, light pink shadow, liquid liner, mascara, brow color
+ lips: any lipgloss (though i just slap on eucerin & head out the door)

+ conceal any flaws; for me that's scars / discolorations & my dark circles. i definitely recommend using concealer under your eyes as the florescent lighting in most offices will make you look even more tired than you are. don't use concealer all up under your eyes: just the inner corner & blend out. [using kat von d's tattoo concealer in tan & benefit's boi-ing#02]
+ using a large powder brush, apply powder evenly on your face & neck [using mac's studio fix nc35]
+ using a stiff angled brush, fill in your eyesbrows (but not too dark or chola style) [using estee lauder's two-in-one #01]
+ apply cream shadow all over lid, it's great prepping for shadows [using mac's pearl]. use your ring finger since it's the weakest & won't drag the delicate skin
+ apply dark brown shadow from your outer corners towards the middle of your eye. the color should go just above the crease (but not to your brow-bone) [using l'oreal's hip shadow duo in brazen]
+ using a wide brush, blend to soften the brown & start blending towards your brow-bone. you don't have to use any particular color to blend, but if you want, you can use a taupe color to help smooth it out. i recommend using soft back & forth motion, or small circular motions. [using laura mercier in whiskey]
+ using a light pink shimmery shadow, apply to the inner corners of your eyes. [using victoria's secret luminous shadow in too too pink]. then use your ring finger to smooth over the loose shadow.
+ re-emphasize the outer corners by lightly re-applying the dark brown
+ optional: for a more dramatic look, apply a black shadow to the outer corners (not something i do for regular day-to-day looks)
+ curl your lashes [using shu uemera's eyelash curler]
+ use liquid liner to line your upper eyelids as close to the lashline as possible & apply mascara. option: wing out the outer-ends [using maybelline's line stiletto in blackest black, nyc's liquid liner in jet black, maybelline's define-a-lash in very black]
+ line lower lashline with liquid liner - just from the outer edge to the middle & using the same dark brown shadow, gently smudge the color. i find that using a liquid liner on my lower lashline prevents smearing & applying a shadow on top of it prevents looking so harsh.
+ apply blush to the hallows of your cheeks - suck in your cheeks & apply right below your cheekbones [using mac's bronzing powder in bronze].
+ apply a contrasting blush to the apples of your cheeks - just right above where the bronzer was applied [using benefit's blush in coralista]

questions? ask here!

P.S. Thanks for all the kind words & patience while I was out. Best readers EVAR.


  1. i like the 2nd to the last pic the most. "I'm done! Ta Da!" I think this is what i should strive for as the next step in my makeup learning process (i beez a newb man!)

  2. ditto on the second to last pic! super cute! i think that would take me 1/2 an hour to do! hahahaha. i don't know why i'm so slow w/makeup. love the look.

  3. Gorgeous :) thanks for all the tips ... wish I could get away without applying foundation, I have too much redness and the concealear doesn't cover it. But yes, pretty lady!

  4. cute!!!! gonna try it sometime! love how u look very natural!

    xoxo jenna

  5. you always have the best tutorials! love it, you are too cute :)

  6. I just tried this make up for work this morning and I LOVE IT! the eye makeup adds an interesting depth to my hooded asian eyes and the coral blush makes my face look fresh :) Thanks for the tips! I'll be wearing this makeup tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and so on.... :D


  7. you're so cute. I love your freckle! i think b/c i have them too. =P


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