Apr 20, 2010

Go Speedracer Go!

I know this is technically a "fashion blog" - but I always sprinkle in my personal outings, just because, hey, why not! For Ryan's big 3-0, we had a few people over for a late lunch & then got our speed on at K1 Speed Indoor Go Kart Racing). Best idea for a guy's birthday EVAR. Seriously, if you guys don't know what to do for your boyfriends' / husbands' birthday, consider this, they'll love it.
homemade red velvet cupcakes by yours truly
homemade prosciutto & caramelized onions with fresh basil pizza (will have to do a recipe tutorial on this too!)
to prove that i indeed was the one who was cooking
sean, tim, birthday boy, rhona, me
live. work. create. shirt by brooklyn industries
party decorations from party city
rye bread blowing out the candles of his awesome cupcakes
real racecar, not the ones we drove
getting my gameface on. and YES we were required to wear helmets!
#27: sean, #9: tim, #24: anthony, #41: ryan, #38: rhona (i opted out of the second race)
Afterwards, nothing satisfies the hunger a race can bring like authentic ramen.
me, rye bread, rhona, tim, anthony


  1. Ah, I've always considered this your personal blog and I think fashion/make-up advice is definitely part of it :D Rye Bread does NOT look 30! Happy birthday to him again! And ahh, I want to go go-karting nowww :)

    Please, please share the recipe for that delicious-looking pizza ... and I'd like some cupcakes too, please haha. Love the pictures!

  2. that looks like so much fun!
    happy bday to rye bread! def. not looking anywhere near 30!

  3. Oh man, that pizza look so GOOD!! Looks like this partay was a success!

  4. yayayay! the food looks gooooooooooood....can't wait for the tutorial! i bet rye love it all! what a fun birthday celebration!

  5. that could be the best looking pizza I have ever seen!! WOW WOW WOW!! and now I am starving for THAT exact one LOL!! thank you for sharing this super party with us :) Hope you are having a nice week!

  6. dude the fact that you integrate your personal life and your personality (something that most fashion blogs seem to be sorely lacking) is what makes your blog AWESOME SAUCE

    where did you go for ramen?!? was it good? that's the other awesome sauce thing about your blog...you live so close to me that i can totally stalk the awesome places you feature!

  7. Fun pics! Go Cart racing looks like so much fun. Yes, that pizza looks freakin delish. Can you share the recipe? :)

    xo, becs


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