Apr 16, 2010

Concrete Jungle

So the reason why I've been away is because I've been stuck in the concrete jungle (aka: NEW YORK).
At the Bryant Park Hotel:
club monaco turtleneck, express skirt, f21 accessories
Went out to an all-day meeting, only to miss my returning flight back to LA...luckily Rye Bread's sister & her fiance live here, so I had a place to stay.
her doggy, mister monty
P.S. Happy [belated] Birthday to my very own Rye Bread


  1. "these streets will make you feel braaannd neeww!"--Or make you really tired, haha.

    LOL monty!! He looks like a clump of cookie dough.

  2. I love that desk area in the hotel.

    Mister Monty is so cute! i like how he looks so worried. haha

  3. what is your take on NY from an LA girl?

  4. aw cute, my sister has a pug.
    i looove that first picture looking out the airplane window :)

    happy belated bday to rye bread....does he know you posted that picture? haha.

  5. not such a horrible place to be stuck at! much jealous!

  6. I thought "what, stuck?!" at first, because I don't think NY would be a bad place to be stuck at, but ahh that sucks to miss a flight. On the other hand, that doggy's eyes could melt a cruel man's heart. And happyb elated birthday to your Rye Bread!

  7. omgosh, that is the CUTEST pup! to me, the wrinklier the better haha, and look at those adorable eyes aww. hope you had a good weekend and get back to LA alright!


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