Apr 7, 2010

Gyu Kaku

I have been pronouncing that wrong for the past 3 years, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE CORRECT ME?

For my birthday dinner, Rye Bread & I went searching for a place that didn't have an hour-wait. We decided on Gyu Kaku in BHills, but it was still over an hour...but don't worry, I occupied myself with 4 Lychee Saketinis...and was drunk before I even got to the table. I may have a problem...
Shrimp, filet, other meats
amazing garlic noodles, that belonged to someone else & was accidentally served to us. SCORE.
birthday s'mores!
ring from PMN, thanks ladies!
yellow nail polish from francesca's
feeling gooood.
united colors of benetton blazer [that i got for $1 at the thrift store], barney co-op silk blouse

In other news: Just a head's up that work took a dump on my face & I will be back later this week / early next. I know I normally post daily but haven't had a chance to eat lunch, nevertheless look good & take pictures. So bare with me while I take this small sabbatical.

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  1. 1. you & rye bread are such a cute couple!

    2. food looks yummy!

    3. heart the yellow nails!

  2. i just realized i forgot to wish you happy birthday! bad online friend. =(

    i've heard a lot of good things about Gyu Kaku. it looks real delicious. we're going to be in LA for about half a day before driving out to the desert for Coachella. i'm determined to eat at the grilled cheese truck...

  3. happy birthday!!!!

    i love gyukaku! i haven't been there in awhile.
    i love your outfit and the nails! HOT!

    good luck w/all the work stuff, will miss your daily posts!

  4. i may have the same problem you have.....

  5. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!! Love the nailpolish!

  6. "I occupied myself with 4 Lychee Saketinis...and was drunk before I even got to the table"

    ^^ahahaha I LOVE YOU.

    i want to try gyukaku every time i see it (the one in pasadena) but i always forget as soon as the restaurant sign leaves me field of vision. must. remember.

    happy birthday pretty girl!

  7. aw you look so adorable lady! and why havent i heard of lychee saketinis before?! i always get regular lycheetinis but now im gonna have to switch it up! loving the yellow nails, too. im all about the bright colors. so glad you had a wonderful (and super delicious) birthday! sorry about the new workload, but still hoping you have a fabulous week/weekend regardless :)

  8. i love your blog, you are so funny and quirky in the cutest ways! hard to find someone with such humorous sarcasm, reading your posts are a great start to my day :)

  9. You're so cute! Love the yellow nails. I found your blog through that mistaken question on phi-style's formspring and just wanted to say hi. So, hi! And I totally just went to Gyu Kaku (but the one in Huntington Beach) last night and had a lychee saketini myself. So delish!


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