Apr 27, 2010

O-H-I-O [Sneak]

Sorry the lack of posts, but as you know, I went back to Columbus, Ohio to visit my family. Which I love & hate because I love my family but hate leaving them. Makes me has the sads.

Preview of pics until I finish uploading the rest of them!
en route from LAX to Dallas to Columbus
OSU campus: go buckeyes!
the girls of my family: christine, my mom, my niece, me, my cousin
pmn blouse (again!), martin + osa belt, f21 jeans

birthday couple
having a laugh with my sissy
personalized birthday cake!
april birthdays with our birthday hats: isabella, dylan, me (27), rye bread (30)
goody from our pinata: rye's sticky hand
my very own pinata!
h&m bracelet
en route back from columbus, no make-up because i cried it all off. sad!
my travel must-haves: glasses, a scarf, my blackberry, and mcdonald's french fries!
Want MOAR pictures? Will post soon!


  1. 1. i think i've said it before. LOVE that yellow blouse on you!

    2. such a lovely family!

    3. Besides Bob Stoops, Jim Tressel is my favorite college football coach. Gotta love the sweater vest and transition glasses! So nerdy & so cute!

    4. We're the same age! I just turned 27 yesterday! YAY for April bdays!

    5. Looks like a great visit home!

  2. your family is so cute! i love the hats and cakes! :)

    can't wait to see more pics!

  3. haha overcast skies! welcome to ohio.

    Oh man, I miss you too! Major sads when you left, but these pictures make me happy again.

  4. Happy belated birthday.
    You have a very pretty family!
    And I know what you mean about visiting your family.
    It is sad to leave.

  5. Wow! Your family is absolutely stunning!!

  6. pinataaaa i haven't smacked one of those in years and years and years. maybe i should get one for my next birthday. and fill it with alcohol.

  7. Can I haz MOAR pictures, plz? So adorable -- your family is so young and cute! And I love the personal cake ... definitely must be sad to leave, hopefully you'll get to see them again soon, though!

  8. you have a beautiful family! love the yellow shirt =)


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