Apr 13, 2010

PMN: Black Tunic

You guys already know I'm a huge PMN fan. I recently purchased this black tunic, and while I loved how Phi-Style paired it with denim shorts, it was WAY too cold for me to wear it the same way.
pmn black tunic, bp leggings, club monaco gloves, f21 belt
Since we were going out in celebration of my birthday with a couple of friends, I did FANSHY MAKE-UP. I didn't do a tutorial on it because I was experimenting & what if it turned out bad?
Dinner was in Santa Monica at Il Fornaio where they had a lobster risotto & a sampler dessert plate so I mean, you can't really beat that.
making my birthday wish...(i wish my gimlet would magically refill itself)
my fashionable friend, rhona: uniqlo top & jacket, urban jeans, baker heels
Later went to Barcopa in Santa Monica: a bar / club that was intimate, but had some pretty kick-ass hip hop music.
steph necklace (gift from tim & rhona) from clover , rhona necklace: primark
two boys you've seen before: rye bread & tim. how rhona & i got so lucky with these two is beyond me
Rye Bread CRASHING MY PICTURE with his open collar. gross.
questions? ask here!


  1. super awesome gloves! and haha @ ry's sexy vneck

  2. those are some amazing gloves!

  3. you look gorgeous! happy belated birthday! LOL at the last pic

  4. i love your eye makeup. it came out great :)
    love the gloves.

  5. i'm digging the gloves.

    very lady gaga-ish. hope you don't take offense to that because i love her.

  6. lookin good!! =) your eyeshadow looks great, per usual. i loled at rye's open collar.

  7. Oooo, yummy food! And don't lie, those are Rye's gloves, right?

  8. happy birthday! hope you had a good one =)


    [Love those glovies!! To the MAX!!]

  10. You look so pretty! Fun pics and that food looked delish. Those gloves are the perfect accessories!

    xo, becs

  11. Haha, I love your birthday wish! Looks like you had an amazing time you and you looked gorgeous while celebrating :) Love those gloves and that belt, too!

  12. ahhhhh happy belated birthday to you gorgeous lady!


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