Apr 6, 2010

Same Sh*t, Different Day


Talk about repurposing clothes! Hey, if you know me, you know I'm on a budget & wearing things one to two times is just not an option. So everything you see here has been worn (probably more than several times), just paired in a [slightly] different way.
martin + osa blazer & white top, citizen jeans, jessica simpson heels, f21 belt & bracelet, oliver peoples glasses
I think at the end of the day, if I can purchase items that I can use often but are put together in a new way that still make me feel well-dressed, I've done my job. Whether it's cuffing & belting my blazer or rolling up my jeans, the same pieces can feel like a completely different outfit.

What are you favorite items to re-wear & how do you re-purpose?

Question? Ask here!!

p.s. thank you for the birthday wishes! i felt [virtually] loved!


  1. everything about this outfit is great! love the jeans, belted sweater...looks kind of jcrew!

  2. i love it! i need help learning to make the same things look different. i always end up wearing things the same way. you look super cute w/your glasses! :)

  3. sure cute outfit, and i love my glasses but my new bangs always make them harder to wear! my favorite pieces of clothing to re-wear are jeans and either a plain white or a plain grey t-shirt with a black blazer. so simple, and it looks good on anyone to go almost anywhere :)

  4. those corduroy jeans you told me to get YEARS ago sure are getting their mileage! Good choice!!

    I repurpose them by...wearing different shirts. haha. And then change THAT up by wearing a cardigan. Yes i know, so adventurous!


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